Gratitude and Happiness

Feng Shui For Writers
Feng Shui For Writers

It’s amazing how words don’t come when a huge happiness is embracing all of your being.

This week’s weekly thought will be short… maybe the shortest… just because my heart’s bliss is too deep to let too many words flow out from my mind.

Today is a New Moon, and I’ve always loved New Moon days when all the new plans receive a tremendous power.

Today was also the day when I decided to finish writing my next book, and yes, this is also due to the New Moon day.

Today is Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year, and I can almost feel how the Gates of the UnRevealed are opening for us all.

Today is September 13th and number 13 is my luckiest number from all the lucky ones.


Today… “Feng Shui for Writers” reached the No. 1 Best Seller Rank again.

Therefore… I want to share my happiness with YOU, my readers whom I deeply love.

Without YOU, I would not be the writer that I am today!

Besides… from the core of my heart the gratitude goes out to YOU… THANK YOU, ALL!

Would you be able to write more when such a huge enchantment envelopes YOU?

Feng Shui For Writers
Feng Shui For Writers


I couldn’t stop myself from using the last two creations my web designer made. He always does an amazing job! I hope you’ll enjoy them at least as much as I did.

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