It was 2007 when my life crossed paths with Karin’s. We were both enrolled as new online students at a well-known Academy in Israel. A new journey in studying had started, and an old wisdom and science opened the gates for us. We are still studying… it’s a lifetime study and even beyond…

Not about this wisdom will I now tell you, but about the author of the following article.

Karin… one of the most amazing women I ever met. She’s not only smart. She’s not only wise. She’s not only beautiful. She’s not only courageous. She’s not only powerful.

But, she also has such a great Heart! I can’t praise her heart enough and words were not invented to describe its depth. You have to meet her, to be near her, to feel her and let her heart embrace you. At that moment, you will understand what I mean.

Please welcome Karin and let’s read what her heart chose one day…

~ MC Simon

The Day When I Decided to Live

By Karin van den Berg

Decided to Live
Image: CC0 Public Domain

Even though things are not always going the way I want them to, I can choose to make changes in my life. I care a lot about good health because I suffer from ME, which leaves me fatigued and in pain most of my days since I was 17. And when I think about it, the day when I decided to live, I made some MAJOR changes in my lifestyle, and I am darn proud of myself.

The first thing I changed was leaving the diet coke completely and exchanged it for drinking water! This was a big step because when the diet coke came onto the market, I was so happy! I could now satisfy my sweet tooth without getting fat! WRONG! Aspartame makes you very fat! And it is very very bad for your health. It is cancerous and can do things to your brain you will not be happy with. So, Aspartame was banned from our house completely (together with all the other artificial sweeteners).

Then, after the birth of my little girl, I got this bad feeling when she got her first vaccinations. It just didn’t feel right, and it was like she was telling me that she didn’t want it. Miraculously my dear friend John Carey posted an article on Facebook, which spoke about the danger of vaccination. So, the needles were also history (after I also read a lot of scientific articles about vaccination damage).

The week before X-mas I got repulsed by meat, and this is a big thing because I always loved to eat meat!!! Loved to prepare it, season it, share it, eat it!!! But all of a sudden I got repulsed by it when eating out with my little girl. So, the next day I decided to become a vegetarian and I cannot believe how EASY this step is for my children and me (I asked my son if he misses meat and he doesn’t, so I must be one hell of a cook if a 16-year-old doesn’t miss his meat eh?!).

Anyway, at this point, I get repulsed by everything that has to do with killing or harming animals for my benefit (eggs, cheese, butter and all other dairy products are also out of the house). I watched ‘cowspiracy’, ‘forks over knives’ and ‘sick, fat and nearly dead’. The books that enter my house these days have titles like: ‘How not to die’ and I am adapting a vegan lifestyle more and more.

My cholesterol (the bad one) dropped 3 points after 3 weeks of not eating meat, and all my other values are great. My whole body feels more at ease without the corpses of animals inside me, and it feels like the most natural thing not to let animals be abused on my behalf.

I never knew that animals were treated this badly, and now I understand what other vegetarians and vegans told me long ago…. they saw blood on their plates! The blood of innocent, smart fellow animals who also have a father and a mother, who normally live in a family environment as I do! I am very happy that this comes to me so easy!

Yes, I struggled with “what to cook” but it is so simple! Just potatoes with veggies, or rice with veggies! And it is so yummy! I do not miss anything!

This weekend my daughter and I are going to Maria’s to try out some vegan cooking! Very nice to have a friend who inspires me always!

Almost two weeks ago I also quit smoking and moved on to the electronic cigarette and in 10 minutes I will go to the swimming pool to get some exercise done.

My pool also has a sauna for the much-needed relaxation…. I can say that I am doing a great job in doing what I never thought I would EVER do…. become a water drinking, electronic smoking, swimming vegan….

Life can surprise you in ways you never thought possible. The key is to keep an open mind and to let your thoughts become a true desire. Because once your head and heart want the same, it will surely happen!

Karin van den BergAbout the Author

My name is Karin, and I am a single mother of two super children ages 16 and 5. My age is 43, and I am very happy to become older since the fact is, you grow older or you die 🙂

So, growing older, it is. For me, it is very important to grow older in a healthy way.

Ever since I was 17, I’ve suffered from ME and since the birth of my daughter, I have also been a diabetic. I am convinced that a plant-based, whole food diet can solve many of my health problems. That is why I decided to make some drastic changes. Of course these changes didn’t happen overnight, I contemplated a lot about the “why” and the “how” came to me very Naturally in ideas and desires… even in repulsions.

I am a singer, stay-at-home mommy, personal secretary and a volunteer at the gym and the elderly home in my town in Holland.

Improving myself to become an inspiration to others on different layers in life is my greatest goal.

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  1. congratulations and blessings to you Karin- bit by bit, the world is lit, by those who awaken, tho completely shaken, they rise from the mire, overcome bad desire, and live by intention with love over dissension, faith over fear, holding hope so dear, for a better life, for all without strife; yes it all starts within, I say with a grin, because just like you, I found the truth too 🙂


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