Funny Definitions

Architect – someone who was not man enough to become an engineer, but also not gay enough to become a fashion designer.

Banker – someone who lends you his umbrella when it’s a sunny day and asks for it back when it starts raining.

Consultant – someone who uses your wife’s watch to tell you what you need to do, and then charges you for it.

Economist – someone who will know tomorrow why what he predicted yesterday did not happen today.

Programmer – someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had, in a way in which you don’t understand at all.

Psychologist – someone who looks at anyone else when a beautiful woman walks into the room.

Priest – someone that everyone calls “father” except for his kids who are calling him “sir”.

Dance – the vertical frustration of a horizontal desire.

Headache – the contraceptive method used most often by women.

Intellectual – someone who is able to think for more than two hours about sex.

Nymphomaniac – term applied by a man towards a woman who loves sex more than him.

Teamwork – the chance to blame others.

Easy woman – name given to any woman who has the same sexual morality as that of a man.

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