Sacral Chakra by Amber Crystal Elf
Sacral Chakra by Amber Crystal Elf

All the official definitions found today about “What’s a woman?” did not succeed to touch my heart. I am not even sure what kind of definition would go directly to the core of my soul.

March 8th… today is the International Women’s Day. I was always wondering why a woman should have an international day on which she can be praised. Doing this seems to give space for the rest of the 364 days of the year not to praise her. Well… in my opinion this special day should be observed continuously.

Do I need to write down the reasons? Do I need to mention that… no one… no human being would even be on this planet if… if the woman would not have given birth to them…

Hmmm… to whom is she giving birth? To the body, to the heart, or to the soul of the newcomer?

I know, I know…

What’s a woman if a man,
Doesn’t stand by her side?


One day I will praise the men also… don’t worry. But today… today is the Women’s Day. 🙂

I once heard that the House of our soul resides three fingers bellow the belly button.

I am wondering now… is this the reason for which the fetus is developing in the same area of the mother’s body?

Is it somehow mandatory for a soul to come into the new baby body needing first to cross the house of the mother’s soul?

What’s a Woman

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  1. Your statement, “what’s a women if a man doesn’t stand besides her?” really went to the core of my soul… then there is the part where a man is continually (it is a process) knocked down to size, to arrive at an place where he perceives that this God entity, is actually female.

    That is only part of the story though.

    I perceive, and I don’t know if this will go to the core of your soul… that women is one, a kind of electrical resistor, in the divine “circuitree” of life…of the cosmos. She is the divine manifold, and a distributor of all things good.

    No resistance, means no current flow. She is the creative savior for humanity.


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