ZEN Guide for Busy People

Nobody needs more happiness than the people who are too busy to be happy. We live in a great era nowadays. We have all that we need and then some. The latest technologies, business lives, big corporations, more and more utilities that we consider our friends. Moreover, we consider them our life goals. However, are they truly so?

Do you recall the time when you were a kid? You didn’t have so much knowledge but… you were smiling much more often. You didn’t have so many gadgets but… you were almost always happy. Why? There is such a simple answer for this; your stress level was at its lowest point, if not null.

Of course, we can’t remain children our entire life. Of course, we have families, jobs, technology surrounding us, exactly like our parents had and probably even more.

Of course, the bills must be paid, the kids cry asking for their needs, the spouse needs special attention, the social status requires recognition but… are you still smiling like you did when you were only a child?

Of course, we are busy, busy, busy! And this busy life brings us a higher level of stress.

Do you somehow see in yourself these 7 signs of a deep-rooted stress?

  1. You wake up feeling already tired
  2. You have headaches for no logical reason
  3. You feel unhappy even when you should be happy
  4. You lose touch with those around you, who care, cherish and love you
  5. You always feel the need to compete with others and mainly with yourself
  6. It’s been a long time since you remembered to admire Nature
  7. You are impatient and intolerant with your own life

… and probably many others in addition to these.

Yes, it’s all about YOU. You, the busy you, running through this life, trying to find Happiness. A happiness that is too busy to let itself be found so easily.

So, do you have a panacea for this situation? Of course, you have.

Be Zen

Be Zen!

What is Zen?
Zen is nothing and at the same time it is everything.
Zen is simple, yet can’t be explained in words.
Zen is simply finding the happiness inside and not looking for it outside.
Now, let me tell you a secret.
We can ask “what” is Zen and after years and years of research it is possible never to find the answer. Nevertheless, if we ask “when” is Zen?… the answer becomes very simple. NOW.

3 Steps for Zen on the Go

3 Steps for Zen on the Go

  1. Free your mind. Make a habit of allowing yourself 5 minutes each day, when inside your busy life you can set your mind free of any worries, no matter of their nature. Let go of any thought. Permit your thoughts to come and freely go.
  1. Breathe and savor it for 5 minutes. Yes, breathe. Breathe gently and naturally through the nose. Let your body decide if your breath will be long or short. Simply enjoy your breath. Be happy that you are doing it.
  1. Find 5 minutes to focus on the Now. Let the past be the past and don’t worry about the future anymore. Let me paraphrase John Lennon and say that life is what happens while you are busy remembering the past and making plans for the future. Enjoy the present, live fully and authentically in the Now, and just Be.


That’s 15 minutes.
All that you need to gift yourself is 15 minutes each day. Can you do this? Try it for a period and see the results.
Living on this planet, Here and Now, is an art. Transform your busy life into an art.
Are you too busy to enjoy your life?

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