Baby Love

A new baby is born on this planet. Each second, four new babies are coming on this planet. New souls are destined each moment to start their journey in human bodies!

What are we doing when we hear a new baby is born?

Oh… our hearts melt, and our souls tremble with joy, saluting the new soul that had decided to join us on this amazing travel.


Everybody loves the new baby.

Everybody smiles at the new baby.

Our Hearts, our souls… such a great happiness embraces them!

Then what happens?

Our minds join the show.

“What’s the new born baby’s name?” we ask.

“X is our child’s given name” the proud and happy parents reply with a smile on their face, knowing that everyone loves their innocent, cute baby.

“Which country is the baby born in?” we go deeper inside our thirsty curiosity.

“Y is the country where our baby chose to come in” the happy parents are telling while smiling because they know there are many people proud to be born in the same country as their child.

“What’s the newborn baby’s religion?” we continue to ask, proving how profound and spiritual we can be.

“Z is our sweet baby’s religion,” the parents answer while the smile from their happy faces begins to disappear. Deep down they suddenly understand that a part of humanity born on this planet will hate their sweet, cute, little child.

“What color is the new born baby’s skin?” our minds trained so well by our society, continues to ask, showing our enlightened capacity to analyze.

“W is the color of our child’s skin” is the final reply of the still proud and happy parents. They now start to feel the fear enveloping their hearts realizing that in the moment when they replied, their sweet, little child was completely labeled, and a part of this planet will hate him even more.

Should I keep going? I know you are smart! You’ve already got it.

Labeling people… yes… Our society trained us well to do this!

Great job!

We are confused as children because we don’t understand with our pure hearts what this is all about. But, we start to accept this training, and we transform it into beliefs while we are growing up because we want to belong to a society. People can’t survive alone and have to belong to a community. We want to belong to a community of other souls who also decided to experience the earthen life while being in human bodies.

We accept to label people, and soon this labeling act transforms into hate… something that is completely opposite to the pure love that we thought we would find here while being in human bodies.

Even if my words will only be a drop in the ocean…

I am asking YOU… not the individual inhabiting your body, but the entire Humanity…


Where did the Pure Love disappear to, from the moment when we heard that a new sweet, baby was born?

Inside that sweet and cute baby is the same soul. We saluted him/her for having the courage to experience the Here and the Now in the same conditions as we chose to do a long time ago.

Who forces us to label an infinite, eternal and… unlabeled Soul?

And WHY?

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M.C. Simon is an author, SEO content-writer, blogger, reviewer, project manager, researcher, engineer, happy mother and a beloved wife… which makes her an expert at being a busy person. The passion for studying different subjects and domains has helped her succeed in becoming the content-writer that YOU need. M.C.’s writing muscles were properly trained and she is now addicted to daily workouts at her writing Gym, where she receives the power to lift unlimited weights in several areas of interest.


  1. This is beautifully written MC, and also very profound topic. Why do we label and judge in society? Do we want conformity or individuality? I believe we should just be good human beings human doings. ❤

  2. Here’s how I see it:

    The mind labels things to function. It operates on a transactional level, and to do so, it must compare one thing to another for the purposes of differentiation. Otherwise, it would not be able to act/react/interact.

    We don’t lose the pure love because we label things. We lose it due to confusion.

    We confuse the label with the thing itself.

    When we have that confusion in regards to labels that we place on people, those people are no longer seen as entirely human. They are instead a [insert label here]. Then we can objectify it, and treat it as inanimate. It is easier to hate that way, or at least treat with less than pure love.

    A label is simply word and meaning. For example, we call the form “table,” but the reality of the table is wood. We call the form “wood” but the reality of the wood is atoms. We call the form “atoms” but the reality of the atoms are particles, etc. etc.

    We do not need to stop labeling (we couldn’t function transactionally if we did).

    We need to stop confusing the label with the reality of the thing that is labeled.

    If we are constantly aware that the label is not the reality of the thing we are labeling, we can continue to operate out of pure love.

  3. If we allow our insecurities and fear take over us, the darker side of us gradually takes over and causes us to label people and not to love people as we should. What a shame. As you said we come here innocent. Not knowing who we are to hate. That is something that is taught. This is definitely now what God called us to do. Great post.

  4. Love this article. Could also take the argument further such as in schools – if a child doesn’t conform they are given a label rather than an alternative way of learning that works for them.


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