What kills your desires?
Photo by: Markus Spiske

We are Souls in human bodies. We came here to experience life on this planet.

Before coming here, we had it All. We had everything that we needed and we probably had no idea that we needed to have it all. Being strictly in the soul phase, we did not have a lack, so we did not have anything to fulfill. Not having anything to fulfill, we also did not have any desires.

For this reason, we decided to come here… to close our soul into a box called a human body. We decided to experience life inside this box, thinking that this box will give us infinite possibilities to develop our brains.

Our brains are adjusted to this box. We think we control everything. We try to develop our five senses and some are succeeding at doing this.


Yes, there is a “but” here. A “but” that kills all that we believe. The box is finite. The box does not give us too many chances to comprehend all the impressions that we acquire.

We are here for a reason… to experience knowing the infinite, by meeting first the opposite, the limited finite.

Our bodies are perfectly adjusted to the earthen conditions. So, being here we have lacks. Having lacks we have desires to fulfill the lacks. We say to ourselves, “I want”. These two words are powerful. They are so powerful that normally, by saying them, we would reach any degree of our fulfillment.

Only thing is… try to analyze yourself. Try to notice, whenever you have a new desire… how your brain reacts to it.

Do you say, “I want”? The answer should be yes, but… this is not the only thing that you say.

Pay close attention. Really observe. Analyze and after this come and tell me I am wrong, if you still think so.

I dare to affirm that you say, “I want, but…” And after using “but” you bring into discussion many arguments for… why you can’t have what you want.

Why are you doing this to yourself? No, don’t believe this is your fault.

You are simply doing this because you are a soul trapped into a human body, born into an environment called society. This society taught you since childhood, that you can’t… because…

And so… now “You want, but…” and this “but” brings so much power into your desire that any chance for it to be materialized, is instantly killed.

For this killer, no laws exist to bring about any persecution. This is the perfect killer. All the private detectives and police officers will never discover this killer. It is a perfect criminal, since you have no idea that a crime has even been committed.

“I want… but…”

This is how you kill your dreams and desires.

Now… tell me… what do you want?

Forget that other word. Forget that it even exists. Simply say what you want with all your heart.

Announce to the Universe what you want and don’t bother yourself to analyze the rest. The Universe will take care of you, bringing to your path the perfect conditions to fulfill your desires.

Go outside the box, cancel its borders.

Dare to wish!

Dare to want!

Believe in what you want and let it happen.

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    • I looove to share the wave with you, Jacqui! Your comment reminded me… 3 years ago I participated in Croatia on a class about Integral Education. There we had some acting lessons and one of the games we played was to improvise conversations with the students and each sentence to start with “Yes, and…” no matter of what the other was saying.
      It was so funny and interesting to notice, what nice talks we can have from the start if we agree with what the other is telling.
      I imagine how nice it would be to agree with ourselves, also.

  1. Very interesting thoughts. Not ‘I want but’ but ‘I want’. Aren’t we taught as children that ‘I want’ is rude and selfish, that we (especially British) have to couch this statement in so many pleases and perhaps’s that even if we omit the But, the Want is so diluted.

    • For sure, yes, Judy! So many borders were fixed in our minds while being children. Can we get rid of this limitation while being in human bodies? Thank you for making me wonder 🙂

  2. Nice! but…   There is a more specific thing then “but…” and it is “that’s not me” attachment to an identity that we need to protect for reasons of comfort, mostly

  3. It’s important that we place our focus on what we want, not what we don’t want.
    Stay positive, put one foot in front of the other toward achieving your goal – one step at a time.
    Happy new year.


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