What Emerges when a Man no longer Resists
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Being interviewed is good for your career, and at the same time it’s an interesting process. However, when you have an interviewer that is smart enough to ask unconventional questions (as my recent interviewer likes to call them), then all is transformed into a challenge for the interviewee. He has to choose between… being sincere and by doing this, giving the readers chills or putting a smile on their face, or… bringing to the table a very intelligent, smart, technical and rational answer.

My answer to the question I received, will probably not give you chills, but I hope to bring a smile to your face. Can you guess which of the above variants I have chosen to answer to?

What made you change your technical profession as an engineer, so as to jump from a mathematical point of view and into the world of words?” asked my interviewer while looking straight into my eyes.

Well… I haven’t completely changed my technical profession but for sure I jumped into the world of words. For now, I am working on both paths, and as I see it, all is fine… so far.

But, evidently, my final goal is to definitely jump from a career that has kept me busy for so many years, to the career that I fell in love with… at first glance. And this had happened exactly one year ago, when the man that I adore, asked me one day (I suppose that day was shiny because the idea was brilliant), “Why don’t you become a writer?”

At that moment, a flash crossed my entire body. I would say a hot flash, but I don’t want you to think that it was a premenopausal symptom. It was something deeper… that kind of flash where you can see the future in front of your eyes.

Obviously, I took my man’s idea very seriously.

But… I must confess something to you… it’s a secret. His questions came out from his desperate state caused by the amount of time that he had to set aside to read my never ending letters. I have to admit… my letters were great. He admits this also, but… how much can a man resist when it is about reading memoirs and romance genres? He could barely find the time to fulfill his daily work. And this was strictly because he needed to use his time to read my fascinating, fabulous and astonishing letters.

I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.” said Florence Nightingale one day.

Therefore… I actioned and started to “officially” write, and there was no second when I regretted this decision. Moreover… now I can talk about my man, without writing for him only. 🙂

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