Intro to Story Host – M.C. Simon

1 – The name of the story and what excites me about it:


(Memories of an Arcturian)

This is a story based on a mix of personal experiences in my Earthen life and the parallel dimensions of my dreams. Which are the borders? Do strict borders exist between these worlds? To answer what excites me about this… these borders excite me the most.

2 – Something about the kind of stories I like to read, write, etc.:

Practically I love to read anything. I am a hard reader and I can approach any genre with the same pleasure.

My intention is to test my abilities reading as many genres as I can, to see what fits me best and to find my voice.

3 – Some random tidbit about myself, not related to storytelling to let the readers get to know who I am:

Please read “My Bio”.

4 – Why you joined “Weave my Tale”:

Do you want a poetic answer? Let me be sincere. I’ll write the phases that I’ve crossed in subscribing to this project.

1 – When I first saw Jim’s announcement, I immediately checked the recommended website and somehow liked the idea finding it very provocative.

2 – In the first moment, I avoided focusing on the provocative side of the project and I told myself the subscription will provide me a good chance to meet new authors, writers and maybe new friends.

3 – While waiting on Jim’s answer to my first email, I checked again the website and suddenly I started to concentrate on the provocation, strongly feeling that in this project there is much more than just making new connections.

4 – Jim’s first reply came and while reading the received material, my excitation about this project started to grow. It seemed to be something very serious. And… I love serious and well organized things. I also have a diploma as a Project Manager so it was easy for me to see behind the appearances.

5 – After a new exchange of emails with questions and answers the decision was taken from the depth of my heart: I am in!

6 – The final reason for joining “Weave my Tale” is the feeling that I am in front of a locked gate that will soon open for me and behind it, a treasured new world that expects to be collected.

7 – My name is MC and… here I am!

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