The Argument – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

“Send her home, Zilarion! I do not want her here. It is too soon.” I suddenly heard the voice I hated so much.

“Don’t be so loud, Dabong! You know I didn’t have any other option.”

“I would never understand this. Why do you always say, you did not have an option? You are the guide. You’re supposed to have an option. Explain to me, I feel my head exploding. I’m in charge here! I want her out!”

“I know, I know, you are in charge in this school, but you know very well Dabong, that there are several other schools for all the planets which we oversee.”

Zilarion… in this weird world he is my only friend; exactly as he was during my short existence on Earth. Those memories came in my mind while I was spying on my enemy and my only friend. I was not sure in that moment who was the one who my teacher wanted to be expelled from school. Nevertheless, more than ever I was now sure that Dabong had a problem… he hated everyone.

I tried to hide myself better, behind the blue four foot thick pillar expanded from the top of the arch sustaining the classroom’s magnetic platform to the center of the deck. I was scared to not be caught. Something in their conversation was grabbing my mind and I was pretty sure that by hearing more, the veils covering my memories will finally start to break away.

“Your voice is too loud, Dabong. Try to keep it down. You don’t want someone to hear us, I’m sure” I heard my friend’s voice while I saw him covering again the triangular eyes he had on his forehead. I remember how shocked I was seeing for the first time those three eyes. Fortunately, Zilarion knew very well how to hide them using his eternal bandana, so no human could ever see his real shape.

“Explain to me, Zilarion. You have to do it. Why is she here? You know I am against her gaining back the lost memories.” I thought I heard the hated voice, meanwhile it transformed almost into a whisper.

“There is nothing to explain. It is Ashtar’s order. Are we in a position to question His decisions? What I know for sure is that somehow she started to gain her lost memory. She’s not aware of this, but she could contact her father while being in her human body. It was only His decision to bring her back.”

“I’ll call Ashtar. He definitely can’t do this to me! This is not the plan, you know it”.

“Better keep your mouth shut. You don’t want to be sent back! What makes you believe she is not worthy of it?”

From this point, I could not hear their voice anymore; therefore I tried to change my position. I used the galactic feline type skills that I was so good at. And while doing it, a sudden freezing sensation crossed my spinal cord. My hands became icy and all my body stated to shake. The chills paralyzed me.

“Oh, no! Not again! He saw me. Those eyes will kill me one day” a well-known fear made me internally say this. Since Zilarion brought me on this spaceship, it was not the first time when I had to cross this state. Arcturian’s eyes never harmed me; with one exception only. Whenever Dabong opens his eyes, he sees me wherever I am trying to hide myself. Even if now I received an Arcturian body, still the memories from the earthen physic makes me understand that if I would ever meet him on my adoptive planet, I will probably die, killed by those three eyes. His hate towards me is too much. I don’t even know what I did wrong. But I know one thing. I hate him, too.

“You! What are you doing there? Who let her in?” my teacher’s angry powerful voice almost provoked a spaceship quake.

“I’m out of this. I don’t see and don’t hear” I sadly heard my friend’s voice. I know he’s my friend, he proved it so many times, here or on Earth. But for unknown reasons, he was always stepping out whenever Dabong was involved. I almost hated him several times, but knowing that the evil power that the teacher had, was ruling over Zilarion also, I always understood that I was wrong judging him.

He quickly turned around and with one gest of removing the bandana from his forehead, he opened the invisible door that let us now see its flashes of colors and intensities. When the door became invisible, I knew that I had to face again the cruel teacher. That interesting door made me realize that I was still far away from understanding the functioning of the star-ship and even further away of knowing its hidden operations.

“Say it again. Say it looking into my eyes. Is your hate so big? One day it will become huge. I will make sure you’ll have reasons to feel it” I suddenly heard the paralyzing voice so close that I had the sensation that Dabong’s lips touched my ears.

“I call you teacher because they said I have to refer to you this way. But keep in mind, when I will regain all my memories, you’ll be sorry for all that you made me cross” I found the courage to face him, even if my heart was beating like crazy, giving me the feeling that an universal explosion will be caused by it soon.

“You, little bastard… you have no idea what are you talking about. Only over my dead body your memory will come back now!” his words almost slapped me. “Do you really want to make me feel sorry? Do it in the ring today. We’ll meet in three hours. And be sure you convoke all the students. This will be your last day of wildness. I’ll teach them how to tame a beast.”

Covering those freezing eyes and turning around with light speed, he left me there to stand alone wondering what was all that talk about. For the first time since Zilarion brought me in the galactic school, I was so confused. Their talk I heard earlier and the sudden statement that my teacher almost yelled to me aroused inside my mind too many questions this time.

At that moment, I could not even try to find the answers. For this, you have to apply what they taught us in school. You have to reach that special state of concentration that helps your spirit escape from the trap of the material body energies. The argument with my teacher, his freezing eyes, his evil voice… all of those did not let me find any tiny internal peace.

I knew I could not escape from the fight he just declared would happen soon. I knew I have to obey if I wanted my life to be longer than a few minutes more.

“Are you done, Elimar?” the friendly warm voice of my friend surprised me.

“Did you hear, Zilarion? What am I supposed to do? I am really scared this time.” I asked him hoping that by chance he will give me a solution to my problems.

“You can’t escape, dear. You have to face him. Don’t worry. I’ll call the students and we’ll prepare the level five fighting arena.”

A petrified sensation embraced my entire blue body. My long legs could not move anymore. The shock annihilated all my logic. I barely could whisper with a frightened voice. “The level five arena? Why? Why?”

‘You, girl! Will you give up before starting? What did we talk so many times for? Prove to me you deserved my talking with you about all those things”.

“Level five arena?” I could only repeat like a stupid earthen parrot.

“Come to your senses, Elimar!” His voice this time shook all my bodies. “He is never calling a student on the level five. Can’t you see? Didn’t I teach you how to read between the lines? It’s your time. Prove you are worth it” he threw towards me these last words, while he again uncovered his eyes and opened the invisible door each time positioned on different places on the walls.

I tried; I really tried to understand what my friend and guide wanted to say. The questions, which earlier invaded my galactic brain, were now so powerful. I did not know how to handle that hurricane. I did not know and for sure, I did not have time to think too much.

The only thing I knew was that I had to prove to everyone that I was right. The teacher that all other students adored, the commander that all other Arcturians were almost worshiping, the possessor of those freezing eyes, was a Beast.

I directed my body to the control panel where I knew I could open the door. My legs started to shamble, my shoulders suddenly were fallen down like under a huge weight, my heart almost stopped its beat replacing it with a morbid silence, my lips forgot what a smile meant.

I only had two things still connected to my will; my two earthen blue metallic eyes. Their firey voice could almost be heard on the third planet from the sun. While they waited a total Lunar eclipse was coupling with Uranus, opposing the Sun, Venus and Pallas Athena, forming a T-square with Pluto… in a deep-blue twilight awakening… my eyes’ flame of passion was burning hot.

“I’ll do it this time! I’ll kill him!”

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