Do our Protagonist and Antagonist argue? Which is their Argument’s Root? – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

“All stories can be looked at as an argument between the Protagonist and the Antagonist.”

1 – Imagine the protagonist and antagonist are having an argument about the story’s meaning. Choose one word each of them would use to describe the story based upon what is their goal or focus in the story?

  • Elimar (Loriann): Awareness through regaining the lost memories.
  • Dabong: Causing the Death of Elimar’s hidden memory.

2 – Using the word you picked for your protagonist, write a sentence that starts with that “word” followed by the phrase, “is stronger than”. What is that something? Now end the statement with one of the words that you picked for your antagonist. Now you have an uplifting premise for your uplifting, heroic protagonist. Does this summarize what your story is about? If not try different word combinations until you find one that feels right.

Awareness is stronger than the memory’s Death.

3 – Now do the same for your antagonist. Using the word you picked for them, write a sentence that starts the “word” followed by the phrase, “leads to”. What is that something? Now instead of using a word that you picked for your protagonist, choose a word that is the opposite of one of your protagonist’s words to end the statement. The key is not to get it perfect, but to get it as close as you can. The more accurate you are the better you will be able to zero in on what your story is about.

The memory’s Death leads to unconsciousness.

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