Antagonist Questionnaire – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

These are the answers to the Antagonist Questionnaire.

  1. How tall are they?
    1. 8’5″ like most of the Arcturian males.
  2. What is their body shape?
    1. Humanoid
  3. Do they have any disabilities or physical differences?
    1. white-blue skin, blue-grey hair made by light, has three metallic blue eyes on his forehead disposed in a triangle, exactly like Zilarion-the guide.
  4. What year were they born?
    1. Eons ago.
  5. How old are they?
    1. On Arcturian dimension: they look 25 but their ages are not the same as on a 3D world.
  6. Where do they live?
    1. For the moment, on the spaceship where the mobile Arcturian school is on.
  7. Are they rich, middle class or poor?
    1. Belongs to superior Arcturian social class. On Arcturus, superiority is proved by a higher and harder galactic mission.
  8. Did they grow up rich, middle class or poor?
    1. He was born like this. He is the twin flame of the main character, Loriann. She is Ashtar’s daughter, the highest rank for an Arcturian.
  9. Where did they grow up?
    1. The Arcturian childhood is not mentioned.
  10. What did the people who raised them do for jobs?
  11. How successful were those people at their jobs?
  12. What is their race and cultural background?
    1. He’s Arcturian, sent to Earth with a mission. In this book only his activity as an Arcturian instructor is mentioned.
  13. How do they feel about their race and cultural background?
    1. Proud
  14. What is their religion?
    1. Religion exists only on earth. It is not of Arcturian interest.
  15. How do they feel about their religion?
  16. What is their education level?
    1. Maximum rank as an Arcturian instructor.
  17. Who takes care of them (if child–parents, grandparents, orphanage; if adult–wife, jail, friends, job, no one)?
    1. He takes care of others.
  18. Are they in a relationship?
    1. On Arcturian dimension: only after a while will this be revealed.
  19. Are they married?
    1. He belongs to his twin flame through an eternal celestial marriage.
  20. Do they have children?
    1. Not mentioned.
  21. Have they ever been in love?
    1. Only with his eternal twin flame. No matter the mission served and the planet where they are sent, Arcturians belong to their twin flames: mind, heart and soul.
  22. Have they ever had sex?
    1. Not in this book. If I will decide to do a trilogy, the main character and the antagonist from this first book, will have sex in a second volume.
  23. Do they have lots of sex, average amounts of sex, little sex or no sex?
  24. Have they ever had a one night stand?
  25. Name one person they look up to?
    1. According with the social position, he looks up to Ashtar. According with Arcturian’s genetic position, no one looks up to anyone. They are all equals.
  26. What qualities do they like about that person?
    1. Ashtar’s wisdom in bringing peace in all the universes.
  27. Name one person they despise?
    1. Dabong, being a very evolved soul, doesn’t recall if he ever despised anyone, nor does he knows how you feel when you despise.
  28. What qualities do they detest about that person?
  29. What qualities do they like about themselves?
    1. As an Arcturian, Dabong doesn’t like or dislike. He only observes.
  30. What qualities do they dislike about themselves?
    1. As an Arcturian, Dabong doesn’t like or dislike. He only observes.
  31. What are faults that they know they need to work on?
    1. Any unreachable spiritual and physical capacity is not seen as a fault. It is seen as a stage in the universal evolution and is completely accepted and embraced.
  32. What are personal faults they have a hard time seeing?
  33. What is their greatest strength?
    1. Didn’t decide yet.
  34. If they could be doing anything now, what would it be?
    1. He would immediately start his soul mission together with his twin flame. But for the moment he has to wait until the human body which hosts Loriann, will properly grow for their earthen meeting. Their present common mission can start only after Elimar and Dabong become a couple as humans on the 3D planet.
  35. What scares them the most in life?
    1. Arcturians see life and death as stages of soul evolution, so nothing is scary.
  36. Where do they stand in their community?
    1. On the mobile Arcturian school he is an instructor for the Arcturians who were sent to earth and are still in undeveloped human bodies. In the Arcturian society, he occupies a very high position, being the twin flame of Ashtar’s daughter.
  37. Do people know the person that they really are?

His half mission until the reunion with his twin flame as a human couple doesn’t involve the loss of memory. In this volume, his earthen life is not touched but even if in the human body as a child, he didn’t forget any details about his origin.

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