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Without a doubt, many things have taken place throughout your life. And because of them, you’ve become wiser. Being wiser (of course, our ego wants to view us this way) you’ve started to ask yourself many questions.

To some, you easily found your answers, and for others, you had to struggle to see the light at the end of the road. However, there are questions that even an experienced human being still couldn’t completely decipher.

Questions such as… “What is the meaning of my Life?”

There were “eureka” moments when you were sure that the answer finally hit your brain. You even celebrated those moments inside your mind.

Still… after some time… the question came back. What you earlier perceived to be the ultimate truth, in fact, was only a temporary perception of reality.

Such questions as “What is the meaning of my life?” can make you touch hidden levels of existence and still the universal answer cannot be found. So you are still questioning yourself on this matter.

Nevertheless, as time passes by, you have a feeling that… somewhere deep immersed in your perception of reality, there is something more… more clues that you must uncover.

You know… you have to contemplate this desire further; the desire to find the answers to what you think are fundamental questions.

However, can you foresee the fulfillment of your desire? Can you aim the branches of your wish? How high can you do it?

Alternatively, it would be better to dig in the opposite direction of your branches… at the roots of your desire?

Moreover, what if you start to wonder…

Are the roots of your desire the ultimate level you can dig into? Can there be a deeper level than the roots?

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