Unlock The Power of Your Wish
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Without a doubt everyone says, “I have a dream.” According to the dictionary, a dream is “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.”

Well… yes… I also used to say, “I have a dream.” Moreover, I had more than just one dream. In fact, I even have a journal in which I’ve collected my dreams.

But… what about the lucid dreams that we have? What about the dreams that are not occurring during the night… the dreams that, if you focus on them, they become reality.

This kind of dreams, we call them wishes… therefore let me say this, “I have a wish and I’ll do everything that’s in my power to materialize it.”

I have a wish… a dream in which, the world I chose to live in here and now, is such a beautiful world! It is a world populated with beings filled with love. It is a world populated with humans that emanate love. It is a world in which people handle in a conscious way, all the levels of their powers; powers that they received at the moment of their birth in human bodies. I have a wish and I know that any wish comes true if you really want it to materialize in this world.

You have a wish also. Each one of us has a wish… at least one. Maybe you wish for love, knowledge, peace, wealth, health or any other wish that your mind and heart can come up with.

However, what are you doing for your wish so that it will come true? You need to invest something in its materialization. We are energy and energy is everywhere around and inside us. Moreover, energy has a “giving and returning” cycle. For sure, there are events and people who will help you on this path (and this depends on what you also gave to the universe up to that moment) but ultimately… You have to be the number one conscious investor in your dream.

Keeping this in mind, I was wondering what I could invest to influence my wish. Well… after many discernments I found that the best thing that I can do is to invest time. Yes… time… the time spent writing about what may be easier to feel than to write. I decided to invest time to put in human words, providing knowledge that can give people their hope back; the hope that life is such a beautiful thing that happens to them! Nevertheless, how can you see this beauty, when you think that around you are so many disturbing events? Wars, crimes, rapes, illness, poverty, tears, failures… all that media seems not to forget to remind us.

Soon after my soul came into a human body on this planet some time ago, I started to discover, or better say to rediscover knowledge and feelings. On my way to rediscovering my own essence, it came a day when I understood that no essence is better than others, and no soul experiencing life in human form is more superior. Each of us tries to reach his full potential… me, you, he, she… we are all pieces of the hidden essence.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence” said a long time ago, one of the deepest and most profound humans that ever existed… Confucius.

His words sound elevated but… did you notice what he said?

Yes, he mentions the open door to your personal excellence.

Yes, he mentions which are the keys to unlock this door.

Does he say that becoming a winner, succeeding at something and reaching your full potential, are the keys?

Please, read again the text… he says more than this. He lets us see the branches of the actions but… he goes deeper and touches the roots of the keys that unlock the doors for us.

He says… the keys are THE WILL to win, THE DESIRE to succeed and THE URGE to reach your full potential. Isn’t this wonderful? Just think how easy everything becomes because it all depends on you. All things depend on your intention and not on the results.

Well… for this reasons the book was born. At the moment when we will understand, feel and handle our intentions in a proper way, we can finally manage this life and follow the directions that our hearts are eager to follow.

(Introduction to “Unlock the Power of your Wish – How to use a Chi Ball”, a book that will be released in January 2016… or maybe sooner! 🙂 )

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