The Road between Heaven and Hell
Illustration: Jeroným Pelikovský (Čeština)

These days I prepared a series of articles about the influence of music, specifically Feng Shui Music, on the Writing Act.

While doing it, I had the headset over my ears each time. A soft music was touching my physical and internal ears at the same time.

At one point, I was satisfied and finished the series. Being in a particular mood because of the subject, I did not notice that the music also stopped at the same time. My state remained high… when… a sudden, horrible, loud sound almost broke my eardrums. I thought I just died and went to Hell. My newly installed Windows 10, which I already fallen in love with, was reporting that some files had been uploaded to my Dropbox.

The good news here… I received some beautiful and dear photos, and I could immediately view them.

The bad news… I am now able to write a reportage from Hell. Nevertheless, I will keep it short.

Listen to me! Do not go there. It is filled with loud and awful sounds.

It seems that those who are patronizing that place didn’t like me too much because they sent me back when I instantly pulled out the headset from my ears.

Wow! What a sudden happiness I could feel!

Heaven was around me. Moreover, Heaven is filled with the MUSIC of SILENCE!

A deep, silky, angelic Silence embraced me in a blink of an eye!

Moreover, in that Silence… I could finally hear. I heard my Soul saying that Music is for this dimension, for this planet or whatever planet it may be. However, there, where my Soul lies in its complete form… there is Silence… the Heavenly Music of Silence.

Furthermore, I am wondering Here and Now… Would I ever hear the words of my Soul if… I would not have gone to that noisy space previously? Should I now love my Windows 10 even more, for almost killing my physical ears?

No matter what the answer is, one thing is obvious to me.

The road between Heaven and Hell is a headset used… at a very wrong moment in time.

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