Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child
Memories of an Arcturian – The Fugitive Galactic Child

This is a story based on a mix of personal experiences in my Earthen life and the parallel dimensions of my dreams. Do strict borders exist between these worlds? What are these borders?

Maybe there are… or maybe not… maybe we will understand more about them after reading the memories of the main character.

The idea for this story came to mind while I was reading the instructions I needed to follow for the “Weave my Tale” project. The story is unwritten yet, so it can take any turn in the future.

In this moment, the plot is as follows:

A 12 year old girl has a revelation one day while at school and decides to run away from home. She wants to find her true family which she suddenly thinks it’s not from this planet. She takes a small luggage bag, writes a good-bye letter to her earthen parents and leaves home. While walking the streets without having any direction she meets a weird beggar who finally convinces her to go back home. But they continue to meet almost daily and one day, he takes her on a trip, while they freeze time.

It seems that the girl’s revelation was not far from reality, and this is noticed when the two arrive on a spaceship where everyone already knew her. However, looking in an object similar to a mirror she doesn’t recognize herself anymore; she was older and all her physical attributes had changed. Still looking human, but something was different.

While on the spaceship, she had to continue going to school, an Arcturian school where her worst enemy is her teacher. He is determined to transform her into the best student of that school, though she doesn’t seem to care about that.

Finally, it is revealed to her that the teacher is her other half and together they have a mission on Earth: to make it a better place in order to align it to all other more evolved parallel dimensions.

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