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Let’s suppose that you are very busy. Let’s suppose that your life is so busy because you’re chasing a dream you want to materialize. Of course you have at least one dream, don’t you? Why else would you be so busy if not for the need to materialize your dreams?

Well… maybe sometimes your dream is so big that there are moments when you are afraid you’ll not have enough time to fulfill it in this lifetime. Why would you think this? Maybe because you think that your internal organs, especially in your busy life… will one day cease to have the power to serve you anymore. At least so you taught if you listened to the media. Let’s admit it… everywhere, on TV, on the radio and newspapers, we see only advertising about… the type of pills and drugs we can take, to overcome a certain lower health state… and at the same time ruining other organs by having to process those drugs. But… have you ever found an advertisement that gives you hope? I mean… real hope?

Let me tell you the news… the good news. 🙂

You have all the time in the world to fulfill any dream you have. Because you have this power even if you have forgotten how to handle it. And not only do you have unlimited time, but the greatest news is that periodically, all your internal organs are regenerating themselves. Therefore aging and feeling that you no longer have enough time… is only a matter of knowledge, perception and… the decision to take your life into your own hands.

The Regenerating Time of our Organs

The Regenerating Time of our Organs
Image: Pixabay
  1. Liver – 5 month. Even an alcoholic’s liver will regenerate in this time frame. The only time there’s nothing that can be done for a proper regenerating process is in the case of cyrosis.
  2. Heart – 20 years
  3. Lungs – 2-3 weeks for most of their cells. Still, the alveoli sac cells need about one year to do it.
  4. Eyes – Same as your age. The only part that regenerates is the cornea. It needs about 24 hours to fix any damage.
  5. Bones – 10 years for a complete self-replacement. After middle age, the regenerating process slows down but still works.
  6. Taste buds – 10-15 days
  7. Intestines – 2-3 days for the cells called Villi. The rest of the cells need 3-5 days to regenerate.
  8. Skin – 2-4 weeks for the epidermis. The fact that we still get wrinkles is due to the loss of collagen.
  9. Nails – 6-10 months (6 months for fingernails and 10 months for toenails).
  10. Brain – same as your age, meaning the brain’s cells do not regenerate. Still, there are two areas that are regenerating: the olfactory bulb and the hippocampus.
  11. Hair – 3-6 years for head hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes need 6-8 weeks to regenerate themselves.
  12. Red blood cells – 4 months
  13. White blood cells – one year
  14. Colon – 4 days
human power
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Although the human body has its own energetic, cellular and organic equilibrium, we still become ill from time to time. This is happening due to many aggressive factors that are bombarding our bodies.

    • Stress
    • Pollution
    • Wrong food
    • Microbiological contamination
    • High variations in temperature
    • Secondary effects of many chemicals in medication

Illness is a disturbance inside the energetical harmony of the human body. No matter how it manifests, on a subtle level it affects the entire body.

There have been many years, maybe decades or even centuries since people have discovered that our bodies have the power to regenerate and cure themselves if they receive the proper help and the adequate energetic information. Why this information is not completely revealed to the masses, is not something that we will discuss here. On a deeper level, I am sure that each one of you already knows what the real reason is.

There are several methods for informational therapies, such as bioresonance, homeopathy, Bach therapy, fitotherapy, gemotherapy, that reprogram the cellular structures.

The day when we will be able to self-treat and self-cure using the hidden healing powers of our body is probably not so far away.

For now… if the above information were not unknown to you, my questions is… what would you do with it? How would you use it to handle your life?

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