The Birth of a Crystal Child 1

December… one of the most beautiful months of the year.

17 years ago… I remember that day… December, 22nd.

One night before, I was happy because I finished an important project which I was working on at home due to my pregnancy state.

On that mentioned day, at about 5 am I woke up with a new sensation… I was not sure if it was pain or something else. Anyway, it was bearable. That night I decided to sleep at my parents’ house, therefore mom heard me walking in the house and came to ask if everything was okay. I assured her that all was good, because no worries overloaded me. I only explained to her about the new sensation and when she asked about the frequency of that small pain, I answered… one in about 1-2 minutes. “Time to go to hospital” my mom said.

Well… I had to believe her… anyway she was more experienced than I in delivering children. I prepared some luggage and at 6:15 am, we got into a taxi.

At 6:26 a.m. we arrived at the gate of the hospital. I had no arrangements with any doctor for the delivery. I always said that I was not the first or the last woman to have a child, so I intentionally wanted to see how it was to instantly manage that moment.

My parents dropped me off and rushed home waiting for my call to tell them what else I may need. Everyone was expecting the delivery to happen after at least several hours.

I entered the emergency room, announcing them that will have a child… I did this in case no one noticed the huge belly I possessed at that moment… the nurses prepared me for the hospital acceptance and after this, they told me to go to another floor level, in a specific room. I thanked them then went there like a good girl. There were some other women waiting to deliver. But… there was so much noise they were making! My ears were almost hurting. I could not understand why they were all swearing, and complaining about some tremendous pain. I had a pain but… nothing to make me yell as they were doing.

After a few minutes, someone in a white coat told me to go for a check up. I went in the indicated direction, and entered into a new room. There I was somehow scared because I heard a woman yelling in another place, but she was yelling so loud that I thought I just entered into a horror movie.

I sat on the bed or table or whatever that thing was called… after this everything happened so quickly that I hardly remember.

I only know that someone asked me if I had pain. I answered trying to at the same time make a joke. Another voice said: “what we are doing with her doctor? She is not ready yet, but…”

“Give her a shot” a voice answered and I thought it was the doctor. I remember that right in front of me was a clock indicating 6:43 a.m. My super intelligent brain was still working so I was happy to notice that only 17 minutes went by from the moment I entered the hospital to the point where I ended up laying on that special bed. I also remember a nurse who gave me an injection in my left arm.

After this… a greater pain began. Something inside me told me that the moment to bring my son into this world just came. Prior to that day, I did two ultrasound tests and both confirmed that I was having a son.

Many times after this, I struggled trying to choose a name for my son, but… somehow, I didn’t resonate with any of them. After a few battles in my mind, I decided… my son’s name would be Bogdan-Stephan. In fact, Bogdan was the only masculine name that I ever liked and Stephan… was my brother’s name.

Well… Now I was lying down on that special bed hardly bearing the pain caused by the injection I received.

6:43 a.m… I could hear a lot of voices around me. I saw the doctor’s head between my legs… “Such an embarrassing moment” I was thinking. The embarrassment made me forget all that deep pain I felt. I know… I know… it is said that if you want to forget a pain, you only have to hurt yourself in another place and the first pain will be forgotten. In this case… it seemed that my injured pride was stronger than any physical pain I was feeling.

The next moment I remember thinking that it was probably time to also start yelling like all the other women I had been hearing and like all the pregnant women are doing in the movies. I was just preparing my neck to release a shout when I heard… “I hope you will not yell like all the rest of them. I just have a headache”.

I saw the doctor’s lips moving while those words reached my ears, so my smart brain presumed he was the one who had a headache. Therefore, I decided to stop myself from yelling because a poor human being near me was just having a headache. I could not bear the idea of feeling guilty for aggravating his pain.

Please, do not crush my hand… another voice said. I turned my head to the left, since the second voice came from that direction and saw the nurse’s face… her eyes were almost jumping out from her eye sockets… it was probably the huge pain that was causing her attitude.

Oh… I remember now… I have a phenomenal power in my left hand… I have no idea when I started to crush her hand but… I released her in the next moment. I instantly remembered that I was there to deliver a baby, not to kill a doctor and a nurse with my powers.

What happened after that, I have no idea… I know I pushed… or at least I suppose I pushed… not having a comparison term until that moment, but I had a perfect push.

So… whatever I did, it was probably called a push because after a few seconds I heard a baby cry and the doctor’s voice saying… Congratulations! You have a gorgeous daughter!

6:50 am… a Daughter! I remember those moments very well… I was not very sure at which feeling to concentrate on deeper: the releasing of pain, the happiness for hearing my child’s voice, the doctor’s face at the moment of announcement, or the nurse’s hand touching my arm. However, the deepest feeling was a huge surprise to hear that I had a daughter. All the months when I was struggling to find a boy’s name were gone… all the pain caused by my incapacity to find one… everything stopped in the moment when I heard that I have a daughter.

Suddenly everything became so smooth! I was 10 years old when I was playing with one of my dolls and decided that my daughter’s name will be Liza-Marie. A daughter… a girl… only 7 necessary minutes of bringing on Earth such a sweet human being… a huge happiness invaded my heart.

Two days later, late in the evening my luggage was already made. The next day I was scheduled to leave the hospital, taking home one of the most beautiful babies from this planet… at least that’s what all the doctors were saying. My eyes looked for the last time that day, at that small beautiful gift God gave me before Christmas. Liza-Marie was already flying in a heavenly dream; at least this is how I translated the smile on her face. My eyes closed and I joined her.

A few uncountable seconds later, I found myself into a shiny new world. Many chests were there, most of them opened. The brightness almost blinded my eyes. Each chest contained treasures of crystals; crystals of all colors, all sizes, with all intensities of brightness. On a chest, a beautiful little girl, with sapphire-emerald eyes, having a diamond face, ruby mouth and onyx long hair, was smiling to me.

I looked at her and a familiar feeling came over me. I knew this girl. I remembered her… we made a deal a long time before my coming on planet Earth and into a human body.

“So, you remember” the little ruby mouth said. “This will make things so easy for everyone. Thank you, Mom. I will be a good child, this is a promise,” she continued while her smile became larger and brighter. “I only have one request for you, Mom. My name… when you will have to declare my name… make it Luiza-Joana, please. This is my chosen name.”

The next day came and the sun was up in the sky. I opened my still sleepy eyes. It was a beautiful December day, 25th on the earthen calendar.

Luiza-Joana’s travel in this dimension had already begun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUIZA – My 7 minute crystal miracle!!!

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