Somewhere in time
Somewhere in time

Somewhere in time“… is a beautiful movie I saw again today.

Such a mind blower!

This week I cannot even say I have a Thought to share. Rather said, this week I have a bunch of Questions to meditate on.

I am wondering… did You ever go back in time? Did You ever go back in a time when nothing material would matter? Did You have that feeling that you made a leap in time and even if your human eyes couldn’t see anything, still your soul’s eyes immersed themselves in that reality?

I am wondering about time… I am wondering about travel in time.

What IF… what if traveling in time is much easier than we think it is? What if we already do this but our human logic can’t confirm it because… simply because it doesn’t have a landmark yet? What IF we lose this awareness only because we let our rational mind interfere?

I am trying to imagine the time travel. I am thinking that if my last question makes sense, it means that while traveling in time, our bodies remain here. Therefore, only the soul makes these leaps. Going further… it means that a body already expects our soul to inhabit it. But… what IF time doesn’t exist like it is said? Still the soul goes back and forth… somewhere. If time doesn’t exist and our soul can’t go back in a nonexistent time… does this means that it is going in the same time, but in a parallel universe? Is our soul making a leap through dimensions if not in time?

But if a body waits for us there to inhabit it, what is happening with the part of our soul that already inhabits that body? Is that part of the soul sleeping? Or does it incorporate part of our soul? What is ours and what is not?

Is it possible that part of our soul can make a simultaneous leap in our time to inhabit our body? Do we remember this change?

What if… What if in fact we have no idea what time is?

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