How to lose weight effortlessly

Today I discovered several secrets to fat loss, in Szilvia Toth’s ebook “How To Lose Weight Effortlessly“. You can also read it by following the provided link, or you can visit her Facebook Page at Fat Loss for Good System – with Szilvia.

I recently posted the starting article for this journal on a social network, and Szilvia was amiable to comment:

“Good luck! I have lost 70 pounds myself. I have read your plan, I think it’s great! What worked for me is to take tiny steps. So don’t make all the changes at once, go slow.”

Wow! I think she’s a hero… losing 70 pounds and looking like she looks now… This made me curious about her, and I discovered the ebook (report) mentioned above.

On her website Szilvia mentions, “I changed my whole lifestyle one baby step at a time“. This statement encourages me. I am happy I decided to take it also step by step. The only difference in what I will try to do, is that I will try to do it on my own without hiring a coach. I am sure that if my steps are smaller it will help me go on without stressing my body too much.

Szilvia Toth hired a coach, learned her lessons, and now she is coaching herself. I find this determination to be great, so if you want to be coached during your weight loss process, maybe you will want to contact Szilvia.

In her book, she reveals a few secrets about weight loss… in fact six of them. I am more than sure that any reader will find him/herself included in Szilvia’s given examples. I found myself in at least one… let me copy these lines from her book.

How to lose weight effortlessly (quote)

As I already stated, in this preparatory period until the starting day, I intend to study, to find information which will help me, and if I am lucky enough… to meet people like Szilvia Toth… people who were there… who have already experienced what I intend to begin to do… people that now can coach based on their life story.

My advice for you is to read this book. It is a motivational one, and I believe that this is, in fact, what we lack. The book is FREE so… what do you have to lose?

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    • Thanks for the comment, My Family’s Heart 🙂
      I will soon post my one month journal about the results of the steps. I have to admit that each Sunday… I cheated 🙂


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