Remember the Future
Remember the Future

Everything started with a dream. I was 4 or 5 years old.

In that dark and silent night I saw a door. The door seemed to ask me to open it. No lock, no key… it simply wanted me to step on the other side. I tried to run away but I simply couldn’t. Something more powerful than me, whispered to my soul, “Enter! Enter, see and remember! What is written – it will be. And what will be – has already happened…”

My hand trembled as I reached to touch the knob. I turned it and the squeaky old door started to open… opening slightly… then further it opened… A hidden force pushed me inside. My small right foot touched the floor. My eyes couldn’t see anything. The light was too bright for them. I closed my eyes and in that moment… I saw… in another world… in another time… a room.

I looked around. In front of my closed eyes, the room revealed its details to me. This room was different than anything I ever seen until than, during the short period of time I’ve been on this planet.

In another time, in another space… a carved, elegant wooden desk… a lit candle… an ink pot… white writing papers and a hand holding a golden pen… all of these were there for me to see.

I raised my closed eyes to look at the owner of the hand. The time suddenly stopped. A woman was smiling at me looking directly through my heart with her beautiful blue eyes. A strange feeling embraced all of my fragile body. I knew her. I never saw her until that frozen moment in time. Still… I was sure… I knew her very well. Each nuance of her soul was there for me like it was from the beginning of time and will be until the end.

From an unrevealed past and a hidden future, the woman called my heart and soul over to her.

“Remember the future. Remember me and remember him. And when time will open that special gate… write. Write like you always did… write like I am always doing… You know who I am” she whispered while her hand reached over to touch mine. A spark of light burst out at the point of our contact. My racing heart shook while she melted in that spark. My young body shivered feeling each cell of her being possessing mine. That moment after, I understood… my past and future immersed themselves into the present.

The room disappeared… I suddenly found myself outside the closed door. I opened my eyes and saw my room. A tear seeped down to my cheek.

“Come back sweetie!” my mom’s voice touched my heart while her palm wiped off the warm tear.

That silent dark night was the first time when I remembered my dream. Years passed by and the dream came back, again and again revealing more details each time.

One day the puzzle was complete. The past, the future, the present melted one into the other… and a completely new dream took shape.

Its frame has a new contour and inside it the dream has become real, step by step.

Because… I remember her and I remember him.

Because… What is written – it will be. And what will be – has already happened.

It’s all here… can you also see it?

It’s bliss, it’s joy, it’s ecstasy and paradise! All that you need to do is open your eyes and raise your hand and… grab it… don’t let it go… grab your happiness and write.

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