Prove Your Love

“Darling… do you love me?” the young woman suddenly asked her fiance.

“Of course, my love. You are the only one for me!”

“Then… prove it!”

“Okay. What proof do you need?”

“I am not sure… maybe… you can fight with a lion!”

“That is stupid. I don’t want to die. Ask for something else!”

“OK. Then give me your Facebook password.”

“Hmmm… show me the lion’s photo again to see how big it is.”

Grammarly Writing Support


    • I have to admit that it crossed my mind to “teach” it but I am still learning myself. So, may be in the future. This Scrivener is brilliant, especially for a writer. It does… practically everything… including formatting the books, which was a stressful step for many. Fortunately, when you buy Scrivener, it comes with a Manual also. And if you need help… I am here. I would be happy to share my experience.
      Thanks for the question, Kate. 🙂


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