Perception of Reality

It is a deep dark night.

Because of a malfunction at the town’s power station, the electricity has been cut off for several hours now. Only the moon’s light illuminates the road. Near a main crossroad, a serial killer waits for his next victim to come.

You walk on the long road headed back to the safety of your home. No other person can be seen at this late hour of the night. Everything seems to be so haunting and cold. Your entire being enters into an alert state as you are expecting something horrible to take place. Your heart races, your mind begins to imagine many scenarios, you simply feel that something scary is about to happen. You are not aware of what it may be, but sense with all of your being that soon, something will happen.

As you walk alone, scanning for danger on the left and right sides of the road, your ears attune themselves to the low and high frequencies, penetrating the abyssal silence.

Suddenly you feel that there is someone behind you. Your racing heart becomes small, smaller, and even smaller yet. You are almost afraid to look behind you. You want to run, but something prevents your legs from hurrying. Everything happens in a fraction of seconds but for you, it seems like an eternity. You dare to turn your head back slightly to look and see.

At the same time, your ears alert you of a sound… an angry and ferocious growl… your eyes make out the silhouette of a huge dog, an aggressive mad dog. Its bark nearly freezes you in your steps. Again, you want to run but clearly can’t. You could run away to the main crossroad. You could escape turning to the left after reaching it. Your home is only a few blocks in that direction.

But you know that if you run away… this will instantly transform you into the dog’s victim. This thought is terrifying you. And… what you were afraid of happening is now happening. The boundless threatening dog assaults you. You can’t move, and the dog digs his fangs into your flesh. A heart-breaking pain comes across all of your body. You still can’t move.

The dog changes its position and places itself directly in your path to the main crossroad. Its fangs gleam in the reflected moonlight. His growl continues to paralyze you. You manage to take a step back. The pain in your leg is intense. You look down towards your legs and spot a dark red stain growing on your pant leg as it trickles on the asphalt by your feet. You take one step back. The dog remains still, but its growl continuously strikes your ears. Another step back… then another one. The dog steps in your direction, as if it directs your feet towards another road. Yes… you remember now… it’s right there, very close, another road that winds back around to your home from the other direction.

Your eyes stare into the dog’s eyes. Its fangs are huge… you are unsure when and if they will attack again. Stepping back like in a waltz, having a scary dog for a partner, you arrive at the street that veers back and around to your home. You take the back road while still staring into the eyes of the dog. The dog stops, and it doesn’t move any further. Still growling though, it almost obliges you to go down that road. You continue walking backward towards your home and after several steps, your eyes cannot see the dog anymore. Only your ears can still hear the angry dog. Your steps start to hurry as you now turn facing and looking down the road. You almost find yourself running now. Only a few more steps left to reach your home…

While your hands open the gate… your eyes lay on your torn pants. The pain is deep; the blood flows out from your veins like a river. You already know… this was the most awful experience that has ever happened to you, and that could ever happen. You know you’ll never forget those terrifying moments. You wonder… what you did wrong for something like this to happen to you. You close the gate behind you. You will be fine though; inside your home you have all you need to patch yourself back up. You hate that dog so much… you hate all dogs at this moment. You want to exterminate the entire dog race… so cruel, unnecessary animals. Your angry mind can already imagine its revenge.

And, somewhere on the dark road, exactly near the main crossroad that leads back to your home, breaths a serial killer who waits for his next victim to come.

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