The human upper body and God
The human upper body and God

Today I decided to use the same window in my office as an associative mechanism for bringing back a memory.

As I was wondering about this one day before, today I decided to try seeing if I can control this process. For the moment I only wanted to check if I could do it (without asking for a specific memory or time), using the same associative mechanism as yesterday.

According to my expectations, I suppose I will be able to remember anything from my past, related to a window.

Therefore, I looked outside my window.

The heavy rain from yesterday stopped a long time ago and the fresh air was filling my hungry lungs.

I suddenly heard a voice; a child’s voice.

A school girl was explaining to her mom what their teacher was asking them to prepare as homework for the following week. I couldn’t very well understand the words that her mouth was saying; therefore I have no idea now what their homework was.

Trying to understand why she was talking in such an incomprehensible way, I noticed the reason for which I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

The girl was eating a pretzel while talking. I smiled, remembering the feeling that you have when you are hungry after a whole day of school in which you forgot your food pack at home. You never wait to arrive home, and even if your education doesn’t allow you to talk while eating, you never refuse a snack.

While still smiling, I suddenly remembered something that made me wonder if today the associative mechanism for bringing back a memory was my window or the girl who was eating with such a big appetite.

No matter what the answer to this question is, I remembered that I watched several days ago a documentary.

At that moment in time, I found it interesting but nothing made me wonder too much about it.

But a few minutes earlier, seeing the school girl talking with her mom while eating, the scenes and the succession of demonstrations the author used in the documentary, started the wondering process again.

The author succeeded to develop his ideas through an interesting comparison between the human upper body and God.

Yes, you heard it well.

The one who made the movie started his demonstration representing the head and especially the mouth, as having the Creator’s role.

Trying to conclude with only a few words, the movie was explaining how we are adding food inside our mouth in the moment when the human body needs and give us signs of needing energy; energy provided and transformed through the body’s functions, from what we call food.

The mentioned part of your body, named by us as a “mouth” starts to bestow this food to our whole body. Exactly like

Exactly like God is doing: He is always giving us whatever He considers we need.

Therefore, now… I am wondering… If this representation is good… and from my point of view what I heard makes sense in a stylized way…

If this representation is good… and from my point of view what I heard makes sense in a stylized way…

If it is good… than…

What kind of food does the Creator need to receive, to allow Him to bestow it upon us, the human beings?

Where is this place located on the Creator’s body (whatever His “body” looks like) in which someone can provide the food that is necessary to be transformed into energy for Him?

And IF I will ever find the answer to this question… the next one is making me wonder even more.

Who is the One who gives to our Creator this food?

Are we somehow talking about layers of Divinity?

This God who is my superior for sure… does He have an Upper One also?

Where does this Upper Layer start… and where is His end?

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