I have seen today two grandparents.

They were so attached to their granddaughter! A lovely scene was happening near me. My heart was touched by the love that those grandparents had for the small human being that came on this planet only five months ago.

I know them and for this reason I know when that soul came in the little girl’s body.

It was such a huge love, revealing itself in front of the whole world. The little girl could probably feel how much love was around her. And this love will help her during her entire life’s development. The little girl’s face smiled. She’s so small but still, she could feel all that Love.

Not so far away… near a tree… the girl’s parents were looking at the scene. Their hearts were filled with a huge content, seeing how loved their little newborn is.

And near them… another human being was admiring the scene. It was the mother’s sister, the little girl’s aunt. For me as an outsider watching… it was such a profound scene. The aunt’s eyes were filled with tears, but her face was smiling.

This aunt… the mother’s sister… also the grandparents’ child… was so happy for her niece… and at the same time, her heart was broken. She also has a child. But her child was never touched by the grandparents’ love. Her child was always and still is rejected…

They never accepted her child. They never accepted her husband. Her parents, the beings whom he dearly loved, rejected any other being that she carried in her heart. Her so loved parents never agreed with her relation. No one was ever good enough for their own daughter. Because in their eyes she was the best; and, yes, she is. But what tribute must one pay to be the best in the parents’ eyes?

I see the little girl’s aunt’s pain. I see her struggle to accept a love which she never understood. Yes, she always felt her parent’s love, but this love hurt her so much. It is the love that can reject; a love that broke her heart. Yes, her relation didn’t last… her parents were right about this but… her little child… was now somewhere on this planet… adopted far away from all… The rejected child… what kind of pain is in this child’s heart?

Therefore, today I am wondering… What is a grandparent?

I know. They say a grandparent is the parent of one’s father and mother. I find this definition so interesting. It is as though defining a grandparent; you can only do it looking through the grandchild’s eyes. Therefore, the child who has parents will always have grandparents; because they are the parents of one’s parents.

I am wondering… and thinking… my brain seems to explode because of the storm of feelings and thoughts.

If a grandparent is the parent of one’s parent… does this means that a grandchild is the child of your child?
On the surface, it seems to be true. But my brain says it is a false statement. That’s because… I know this family.

Inside their family lives only one grandchild… the five months old sweet little girl. Her aunt’s child is not a grandchild. The little girl’s cousin was rejected; from the first day of the new life on this planet. A rejected child since even before the first day in a new body; a child rejected because the little girl’s aunt disappointed her parents.

Therefore I am wondering… to be a grandparent, to give your pure love to your child’s child, does it necessitate asking to be paid for your love?

A paid love… a paid, pure grandparent’s love.

And while tears are already covering my eyes, because the pain of the aunt is deeply felt inside my heart… because the aunt is my friend and I dearly love my friends… I am Really Wondering from the depth of my heart…

Who is a Parent?

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