Wonder Woman

Book of Life
Book of Life

The book is new, the story is old. A past century, mysterious times are here, enclosing my soul and touching my heart. Old scenes, old battles, old people who were happy, who felt pain, who wondered, who cried and laughed, are playing in front of my eyes. They were and now they are not anymore. But their feelings are still there, somewhere trapped in a time and a space that can’t be measured, that can’t be described. The predestined Time and Space.

A beautiful love story reveals its secrets through the book in my hands.

The main characters, he and she… were destined to marry due to the will of his king and her father. It would be a simple and beautiful love story, if… if he would not have lived in a country that just won a war against her own.

It would still be a simple and beautiful love story, if… if her brother would not have been killed in the last decisive battle.

So… the possibly simple and beautiful love story, turned out to be an internal battle for the heroine and a struggle for the hero… only because, before she met her future husband… she made a promise “to never find the desired happiness in the arms of a man whose race was responsible for her brother’s death”.

Now, I wonderWhat is a promise?

I know what they say, a promise is a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified.

A promise is done from the core of ones heart. A promise is done from the center of ones brain. In the moment when a promise is heard from someone’s mouth, those lips are aware of what the heart has done.

Still… I am wondering… is the promise really done from the center of ones brain? Is it possible a promise, to be born directly from the feelings the promise’s creator has in those moments?

In case that the promise is influenced by the feelings, it means that the heart’s voice is heard when someone promises something.

Than, if the heart is followed it means a promise… a sincere promise, is destined to happen because it is said that the heart always knows best.

But… what if somehow, in the end, the promise that was made becomes a struggle with one’s heart?

The hero and the heroine from the book I read, had to overcome a huge and powerful battle, due to a promise made from the depth of her feelings. This is the strongest and trickiest battle which someone must face during a lifetime: the battle with the self.

And if somehow in the end, the promise is broken because the hero and heroine must be together, what does this mean? If they must be together it means that it was written so in the Book of Life.

If it is written in the Book of Life and the promise made while following one’s heart was broken… does this mean that the Heart is not the One that must be followed while our souls are inhabiting these human bodies?

I am wondering now… do we really need to follow only our hearts?

Is our heart really telling us what is written in the chapter called “Our life”, in the Book of Life?

What are we missing in order to accurately be able to read The Book of Life?

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