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Amy McKay
Amy McKay

“You have to take care, Mr. McKay. There are a few cases of illnesses that start this way. No, she was not infected, but she developed all these symptoms only because of her scary situation. Even if she seems to be fine now, we still want to see her twice a month, for at least the next six months. But keep in mind. Try not to upset her. The jaundice can return. We still don’t know if she was lucky enough for her liver to not have been effected”. Her father was then instructed that she will need to be quarantined for the next twenty one days then he can come and take her home.

Cold blooded… all our friends knew she was cold blooded in all kinds of situations. On Amy’s face a catty smile appeared while she was listening to the talk between the two men. She knew that that was the moment when the Universe offered to fulfill her plan.

She knew her father loved and adored her. She knew her love for him was the same. But… her scattered brain controlled by her huge Ego demanded that she would win this imaginary battle.

Poor Amy… I always wondered how she could play with her life like this. Moreover, I was wondering, what kind of reasons did she have to want to play this game? Poor her… in the darkness that obscured her reasoning, it took only a split second for Amy to plan changing all her life.

Days passed by. Her life seemed to be paradise. All the family was instructed by Mr. McKay to treat her like a princess. She knew right then and there that everyone would be eating out of her hand, no matter what decisions she would be making.

“I am the winner!” this was her only thought from the moment she realized what had happened. The earthquake and the illness was only the build up for her ascent towards a wish come true.

Thus, when she deduced that the perfect moment had come, looking deeply into her father’s eyes she said, “You know father, we haven’t talk about this again, but… I didn’t change my mind. I still want to marry that boy.”

Mr. McKay’s blue eyes… blue, exactly like Amy’s, closed a fraction of a second and when he opened them again, a hidden tear appeared.

Amy and her father were so similar but there was one thing differentiating them; the tears.

Amy was the kind who never cried. She had many reasons to cry until that moment but didn’t… no one ever saw her crying. Maybe she was doing this while alone in a dark room, but none of her friends ever seen her cry.

Yet, there were specific moments when they could see her beautiful blue eyes shinning. Moments when an intense happiness would invade her heart. Like a rainbow appearing after a rain, for a fraction of a second you could see a sparkle of a tear in her eye.

Instead, even if no one ever saw her father cry, whoever knew him better could see from time to time a shadow of hidden tears in his eyes. Tears that would appear only when his heart was crying out for something which he knew Amy will soon have to cross. She was his daughter… his little lovely daughter.

In that moment, Mr. McKay knew that the foolish battle between their egos had now ended. The doctor’s advice was day and night echoing in his head “But keep in mind. Try not to upset her. The jaundice can return. We still don’t know if she was lucky enough for her liver to not have been effected”.

[to be continued]

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