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eerie yellow creature
eerie yellow creature

Inside the mirror, an eerie yellow creature was staring back at her.

With a tingling sensation, Amy quickly turned around to look into the room for the creature she spotted in the mirror.

No one else was visible. She thought maybe she was dreaming.

She looked right back into the mirror. The creature was still there. Somehow, it was looking terrified. It was as if Amy’s presence in that room was enough to scare anyone.

Amy was also scared. She had no clue how to act in that situation. Maybe if she would take a step backward, she wondered how the creature would react.

She took one step back and the creature simultaneously responded the same. But the fear did not dissipate from those staring eyes.

Amy had never seen anything like this until that moment. The creature appeared to be female, with a perfect yellow skin and frightening yellow eyes. It was not something that you would encounter daily.

The chills Amy started to have, had given her a completely uncomfortable feeling.

Around her there didn’t seem to be anyone yet inside the mirror, the yellow creature was looking straight into her blue eyes.

Amy raised her hand and at the same moment the creature mirrored the same move, but… something was wrong in that entire scene. The next moment her brain felt as though she was having a stroke.

In a flash, Amy realized that in the mirror she saw only the yellow creature and no image of her.

All this happened in only a few seconds, but the feelings Amy crossed made her feel as though it was again an eternity.

The reflection of the creature with the perfect yellow skin, and terrified yellow eyes were none other than her. No one else was in the room with her. She was alone… quite alone and frightened, not understanding what was happening.

“What the hell is this?” she almost yelled in the silence of her hotel room.

A fraction of a second after, she understood. She read about this illness. First she didn’t want to believe it… “Why me?” the second question arose in her mind. But no one was there to answer, so she had to accept it.

It was imperative for her to go to a hospital.

And… she knew… this illness was not one to bear alone or in her own bed at home. But if she was to go in that moment straight to the nearest hospital, they would lock her up inside for several weeks. But she was too far away from her home to accept that. Too far away from her father who always knew how to handle any situation.

She already hated that place. Her horrific memories of the night before were too much to bear. This was a weird place, where powerful winds are always blowing. It was a city where the trees are casting their infernal shadows on the walls. For her, it is a place on this planet with nights that shake the land. With horrifying sounds where reinforced steel bars twist and sway in all directions as they try to hold up her hotel room in the night. And more than this, it is a hostile city where you can feel an entire eternity in only a few seconds. It was able to transform a powerful human being like Amy, on a dime into an eerie yellow creature.

Her brain, perhaps also yellow at that moment, started to work at lightning speed. Her rational side told her that for no reason should she try to take an airplane back home. The authorities were too strict at the airport. She convinced herself that if they would notice her appearance, they would send her directly to the local hospital. And this was not her intention!

The railroad… yes, this was her best choose! If she will cover her eyes, no one will notice that her skin is unusual and yellow.

She looked inside her luggage. One option was choosing an elegant classic costume suitable with a hat to cover her eyes. Yet, this meant it would attract people’s attention. This was the last thing she wanted. She looked deeper inside her bag… Yes… she will wear her old parka. The hood will perfectly cover her face and no one will notice the creature just born inside her.

Luggage taken… elevator… checked out from the hotel.

She was lucky enough to be alone in the train compartment for all those long hours until she arrived at the railway station in her home town.

A yellow cab right in front of the station…

“Where do you want to go?” she heard the driver’s voice breaking the silence of her mind.

“To the hospital, straight to the hospital at the emergency room entrance please!” Amy replied while her body finally started to relax. She will be fine soon… she knew this… she is an eternal survivor.

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