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Rage over humanity
Rage over humanity

The earth started to tremble.

Still blowing fiercely, the wind united its horrifying sounds with that of the quaking ground.

That night Amy was not at home, but in a hotel room. She was not even in her city, but in another place, necessitated by her job.

From the 12th floor of the hotel balcony, the trees looked as though they were thrashing their leaves all around. Even scarier were the shadows of the branches dancing on the walls of her room.

It was not the first earthquake Amy had lived through, but for certain it was the most terrifying one.

Alone, and with several battles going on inside her mind… in a place where no one knew her… it was not exactly where she wanted to be when the convulsed and angry nature began throwing its rage over humanity.

Terrified enough, without using her rational mind, Amy opened the door to her room with the intention to run. The first step she took gave her a horrifying view.

The long straight hall in front of her eyes was rippling in all directions. With her first step, the floor had immediately shifted to the right and Amy froze. She could not take another step.

Her white skin changed its color into an even whiter tone. Her lips were trembling as her eyes were staring down the hall while it was winding like a snake shifting from left to right.

The next second the hall appeared straight again as it was in its initial form. She did not have the chance to relax her breath when the end of the hall disappeared again, shifting from left to right once more. She never recalled how many times this had repeated.

Everything took place in only a matter of a few seconds, but for Amy these were the longest seconds she ever lived through. She needed 19 years on this planet to experience things which in those few seconds would cross her internal eye again. Experiences revealed with all their details, with all the happiness, and all the frustrations of life. Those few seconds reminded her of who she was, who she is but nothing about who she can be.

The ripples and shaking suddenly stopped. The hall looked as though nothing had happened there. An infernal silence instantly conquered all that could ever be heard.

The wind perished. The shadows on the walls stopped their scary motions.

It was silence everywhere… only a scary silence.

It took her a long time until she could move her feet again. Her brain started to function once more. The elevator was near her door so she pushed the button to go down. Downstairs were many scatterbrained people who were looking all around. No one seemed hurt, so Amy went outside of the building. In the dark night, a fresh pale of wind hit her body. She started to walk. She walked like this trying to empty her mind of the horrid sound. A sound that earlier dominated even over the combined noise caused by the earthquake and wind. A sound made by the reinforced steel bars twisting inside the hotel, the only sound that for many years after, she could not forget.

A few hours had already passed and she was still on the streets, deeply breathing while her feet were moving non-stop. Around her, people seemed to calm themselves down. Amy was calm also but… that sound was still lingering in her mind.

The sun came up shining on the horizon when she decided to go back to her hotel room. Inside the building that only a few hours ago was trembling, everything looked peaceful. People were still in the hallways, talking non-stop about what had happened.

Amy stepped again into the elevator and when she arrived on the 12th floor, she wavered for a moment. This took her only a few seconds. She is not the type to admit that she’s scared, so she opened the door to her hotel room.

Everything inside was in its place, not showing any sign of what took place several hours before. While on her long walk, she decided to grab her luggage, and to return home. The planned work conference had finished the day before, so she had no other reason to remain in this foreign place.

Amy was in the middle of packing when she turned her face to the mirror.

The moment after, she froze…

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