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Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you wish for

“I love him”, Amy just told one of the few lies she ever said in her whole life.

If in that moment, Mr. McKay could have used logic, everything would have ended in a matter of days. But no, he forgot that once his daughter would say something, nothing will make her change her mind.

“Nonsense, I don’t care about this! I’ve said it and you must listen. I forbid this relationship!” Her father’s nervous and irritated voice, split the air between them like a huge thunder bolt lighting the sky.

“We love each other and you will not separate us!” Amy stated a half a lie. At that moment she believed that her boyfriend loved her. In fact this was the only reason for still hanging on to him; she couldn’t break his heart knowing that he loved her.

She didn’t wait to listen to her father’s reply and almost running she retreated to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Mr. McKay felt that it was a critical moment and didn’t follow her to continue the argument.

But… it was already too late. What’s done was definitely done.

Behind the closed door, Amy’s blood was boiling inside her veins. A rush of adrenaline invaded her brain and her only thought was to yell out, “No one! No one will ever forbid me from doing anything!”

She had already decided. She will marry the boy who was loving her; only to prove to her father that she is adult enough to make her own life decisions.

“I will marry him no matter what! This is my wish!” she said to the whole Universe to hear it.

A few days after, she almost convinced herself that between her and her boyfriend only love existed. Of course inside her heart she knew the truth. But the final game started already so she would never admit to herself that she based the decision only on her Ego.

Seeing Amy like this many times, I was wondering how can our Ego have so much power over us? Under its influence we are always making the worst decisions.

At that moment Amy had no idea how she would fulfill her wish. According with her life experience, she knew that once a wish was directed towards the Universe, it would be granted exactly as she had wished for. She remembered this part, but… she had forgotten the second part of the wishing process. “Be careful what you wish for, because it may happen one day” said a wise person a long time ago.

Still… Amy loved her father. She almost deified him. For this reason, she didn’t follow through her next step. She wanted her father to approve her decision and to organize the future wedding.

She was thinking and thinking how to proceed, while waiting for the perfect moment to come.

But the Universe loved her so much; it didn’t let her wait for too long. It had always fulfilled Amy’s wishes. Like magic, she had only to say the words.

Several months later, Amy had already reached 19 years of age. September initiated the change of the green leaves around her. Some trees had already began changing their corolla with amazing tones of red and yellow. That night a powerful wind started to blow. It was likely to blow away anything that it met in its path.

Amy couldn’t sleep. Already three hours after midnight and her beautiful eyes were still awake. The sinister sounds the trees were making near her window didn’t let her fly into a dream state.

In the darkness of her room, shadows of the tree branches were dancing on the wall, reminding her of a horror movie she once saw.

A strange feeling invaded Amy’s entire being… no explanation could define her condition. But a scary sensation was step by step conquering her mind.

And… that was the moment when the Universe decided to start to fulfill her wish

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