DAY 26

– part 2 –

Wonder Woman

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Do or Die
Do or Die

That day, Amy decided to remain home with her father, Mr. McKay. He wanted to repaint their home. His initial intention was to send the family away and work alone without disturbing them.

But, not Amy… she would never let her father alone when in need. She always wanted to prove to him that she is worth his total admiration… that she is the perfect “son” he always wanted to have. Not that he was not admiring her… this was not the case. He was a proud father. But for Amy it was not enough. She wanted to show everyone that she CAN and always will do anything that she wants to do. Amy had this canny ability to work in many different domains.

Never having worked together on painting the walls of their home, Amy remained near her father to learn this skill also.

At that moment in time, Amy had already reached 18 years of age on this planet and she could prove many things to everyone. She could even prove that she can have a boyfriend; not exactly the love of her life, but still… she had a boyfriend. He was four years older so for her this was an incitement; and of course all her friends envied her.

The day after Amy and her father started the work, while painting the walls and having fun together, Mr.McKay said in a loud voice, “By the way Amy, we need to talk!”

She stopped her activity and started to wonder what she was doing wrong. Knowing her father so well, she knew that each time he would start by saying “by the way”, it was not related to that moment. This in fact was a verbal habit of his, before starting an argument.

“Yes, father” she said in a lowered voice, waiting for the unexpected to happen and preparing her brain for a reply.

Amy was exactly like her father. She loved him as much as he loved her. But they were like twins. When one of them made a move, the other had to do the same. Each talk between them was always transformed into a battle for supremacy. It was something similar with “It is either You or Me”. Only one could survive and for sure none accepted the other to do it.

Knowing them both for so many years, I have always wondered… how is it possible for two human beings to love one another so much yet still meet on the “battle” filed and transform everything in a “do or die” situation?

A few seconds later, the deep silence following Amy’s shivering words, a baritone voice hit the air. “That boy with whom you daily hang out… I don’t like him. I don’t like him at all.”

Silence again… a huge silence was almost hurting any ear involved in their talk.

“Why?” a frozen Amy asked.

“Listen girl. I am the adult here and I know better. He is not for you. Break-up with him now.”

“Why?” she said in a nervous voice.

“Because I say so! I forbid you to talk to him anymore”, his words pierced through the air.

But Amy had and still has a big problem. Her huge Ego doesn’t accept the statements “You can’t” and “You are not allowed”.

At the same time, Mr. McKay also had a problem. He was always forgetting that his daughter, his only daughter, was a precise copy of him. She would never come off the battle field with her eyes looking defeated and down. She was one of the most stubborn people on earth… exactly like him.

Once you would hear the “I will do it” statement coming from their mouths, nothing in this world could divert them from giving up. And no matter how long it would take them, one day they would fulfill their promise. In fact there is only one thing that can interfere… death… but this is another story.

A promise is a promise and this is a great thing, never breaking a promise.

But… I am wondering… what do you think about a promise you made to yourself in a moment when your Ego is darkening your mind?

That was a moment when inside Amy’s brain the battle started between her logic and her Ego. And her Ego won.

Her entire being was in an alert phase. It was now a “Do or Die” situation.

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