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Wonder Woman

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Our main enemy
Our main enemy

Some time ago I read that ‘time’ is an invention of the human mind, to better understand the flow of change.

Today, in a non-existing time, again my muse has run away.

Thus, I decided to take a leap in the mentioned flow by checking my inbox, looking for ideas to write about. And… I just found one… the advice for the 6th day in this My 500 Words challenge, which was to write about somebody else’s story.

For some reason… today… in a non-existing time… this idea seems to be much easier in my current state of mind.

But… who will I write about? My mind doesn’t seem to find anything at this moment. Many stories have invaded my brain, so many friends I could write about… but whom do I finally choose?

The storm inside my mind was almost reaching a peak level, when life proved to me once more that we do not have reasons for which to worry.

A synchronicity captured my attention… my new friend, Kenneth Holmes just wrote a comment on an old post. His wise words filled my day as before.

“I see you looking at life
And noticing all the strife
It is like riding a bike
With great delight at every sight
That your eyes do spy
Everything seems do or die
And you wonder why”.

I know… all of a sudden I know. Kenneth’s words just provided me the answer. To “do or die”… is exactly Amy’s style. So…

Today I am writing about my best friend, Amy McKay; my best friend and perhaps my worst enemy. In case that you are wondering how this is possible, I assure you that yes, it is more than possible. Maybe one day, in a faraway time, I will write about this also. But… today I want only to write about Amy and not to have your attention turn towards me.

Amy McKay… my best friend… is the most stubborn human being I ever met. Exactly as my friend Kenneth was saying… “Do or die”. Her Ego can’t bear to hear someone telling her that she cannot do something. Moreover… in the worst case, is to tell her that she is not allowed to do something. I am not sure what kind of short-circuit happens inside her brain in those moments, that in a flash she turns into a volcano. Most of the time she doesn’t let anyone witness this state; she learned in time to control her external actions. Yet, inside, she is even more volatile, than if she would have expressed herself on the surface.

My best friend Amy never understood the meaning of “cannot”. All her life transformed into a battlefield, to prove that IF you want something bad enough your wish will always come true.

But… she had a problem… being so stubborn, she also never accepted restrictions.

My goal today is far from wanting to debate this subject relating to stubbornness, on both sides, good or bad. My goal is only to tell you a story from Amy’s life… a life filled with so many interesting stories.

I am doing this for two reasons only.

On the one hand, my leap into a non-existing time brought to my attention the theme from the 6th day challenge. This was to write about someone else.

But, the main reason is my belief that Amy’s story can help many parents deal with stubborn children.

The story happened in the last century, when Amy reached her 18th year on this planet. Not knowing well the starting point of this story, I will start by telling you that she loved her father. In fact, most of her life the only man she ever loved was her father. Moreover, this lasted until recently when she finally met her lost other half of soul; but this is another story.

The story that now follows is about parents and stubborn children. The story is about hidden enemies… enemies living near us that we are not aware of.

This story made me somewhat wonder… Who is in fact our worst enemy, while the human body enslaves our soul?

Do you have a story also? Have you found the answer already?

Soon, Amy’s worst enemy will come to surface. But for now let me wonder… about friends and enemies… about our beliefs and perceptions… about anything that can give us a clue.

I am wondering… Who… who is our enemy?

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