DAY 22

Wonder Woman

What is our World?
What is our World?

Again my muse had something else to do instead of being here with her Mistress; she had a moment of revolt and went away. Always wondering what she can be enjoying while she’s gone, I have not yet found the answer. But, being a very determined person, I decided to wonder and wonder more until the answer will be reached.

Since the day of wondering, I discovered what a window is good for; each time when my revolted muse enjoys other dimensions, I am using the window in my office. The large window that lets me have a panoramic view always provides me subjects to wonder about.

The woman that crosses the street daily at the same hour, looked gorgeous today. Her long black hair, her oriental gaze, her sensual lips, the red nails, the beautiful legs stepping in her high heels… when she’s walking on the street everything on her body compels you turn your head, just to prolong the moment and let your eyes fill with the perfection of her human body.

I always enjoy seeing beautiful people. I like to see their hands working, their feet walking, their lips moving in concordance with the sound of their voice.

But… I am wondering now… is this all that I see when I’m looking at them? Is this all that I’m supposed to notice about them? What else is there to see? I saw everything outside of them. Maybe… maybe there is something more to see inside, that still belongs to the material world?

What can those things be… what? Of course I know… hearts, brains, livers, lungs, kidneys… and so many more other organs which are silently working for their external appearance to function.

A sudden thought just came into my mind… I was so wrong when appreciating the human body, forgetting that all that I see depends on the other organs, those that are working quietly and hidden inside. Those organs that you can never see, but you depend on them, only because… only because they are essential for your life to function in this world… our world.

In this moment I am wonderingWhat is our World?

I know… some say it is the earth and all the people and things on it; other people say it is the human society. It is, but… what IF… our World can be seen like a new Entity? What IF it is a being whose function is similar to anyone who has a body? Wouldn’t that be amazing, discovering that in fact our world has components that keep it alive, functioning as one whole?

I am wondering now… is it possible that the world has components similar to a body… is it feasible that these components could be us… the human inhabitants? Can this be?

So many humans in this world can be seen and some of them are our chosen representatives in different organizational forms.

What if these representatives, represent us like the gorgeous woman who crosses my street at the same hour daily, and who is represented by her long black hair, oriental gaze, sensual lips, red nails, beautiful legs stepping in her high heels? What if the representatives make up the head, the skin, the hands and legs that are ruling, moving, walking and most of all are shaking things up in our world?

And… I am now wondering… if the people that inhabit the earth, are exactly as what was described above… What if, like the woman in my window, our world possesses inside it vital organs, never seen, never heard, but without which our world would stop functioning?

I am wondering now… in this case… who makes up those hidden organs? Is it somehow possible for it to be all those people who cross my street, maybe at the same hour or maybe not… those people who no one notices, or the ones who no one ever hears about, because the windows are closed… but… without which nothing will function in our world anymore?

And if humanity represents those organs working from inside, those unnoticed organs that kindly work and never stop… never think to ask for a reward…

I am wondering now… What IF… what if these inside organs, one day will cease to work?

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