When sleeping women wake, mountains move
When sleeping women wake, mountains move

Such an annoying noise is suddenly dinging in my head. My night is over; the clock’s alarm announces me it’s time to wake up.

My blue metallic eyes are hardly trying to open; my feminine body starts to stretches. I always wanted to invent a machine in which to fit my body, and stretch all my bones. It would probably look like a torture device, but my energy level would be restored if I would know when to start and when to finish.

I am wondering what I will write today about. Will I choose the torture theme which I just mentioned?

Meanwhile my sight is trapped inside a picture on my wall; a landform that rises well above its surroundings, a mountain to climb, a top to reach. I always loved nature’s pictures but only when a human being is included in it also. Deep inside me I believe that nature is created to delight the human eyes. My sleepy eyes… I have to open them; ahead of me is a day that yells to start.

There are plenty of projects which have a deadline today, so I am trying to understand the steps needed to complete them.

I remember a Chinese proverb saying “When sleeping women wake, mountains move“.

On the surface this is a very clear statement. But… I always like to find some hidden hints behind the lines. Is it really as clear as it seems to be?

Let me push the secret button that activates my brain. Yes, I have a brain that continuously works for fulfilling the daily human life and of course, another brain which is activated on demand.

Click! Did you hear that? You were not supposed to hear it. I am supposed to be undercover with this brain.

This brain is never changing the meaning, but it’s always digging for new horizons.

The brain’s cogwheels started to move.

A woman according to the dictionary is a female adult human being; meaning that you are not a woman until you become an adult who has experienced lots of things up to that moment.

Sleeping is a natural state of rest during which time your eyes are closed and you become unconscious.

Therefore, a woman who has her eyes closed and is unconscious is a sleeping woman. I am wondering now… Can you sleep if only your eyes are closed but you remain conscious? Or… can you sleep if you are unconscious but your eyes remain opened? Are we talking here about human eyes or about other eyes? Do we as human beings have other eyes also?

Eyes that are closed, yet we are unconscious about having them? Am I sleeping in fact, while I think I am awake?

Another definition of sleeping is saying that it is a natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.

Then… if I am sleeping now because I have some eyes which I am not aware of, the last statement means that it is natural not to be aware, because my body needs to be restored.

I am wondering why my body needs to be restored. Did I use it so much before my soul reincarnated in it? Are we now talking about the human body or do I also have another body which needs to be restored and which I am not aware of? Eyes, body… what else do I possess and I am not aware of?

Is it necessary to be a woman to have all these? What is that possession which a woman has that the man can’t reach even if he’s not sleeping, even if he has already restored his body and opened his eyes?

And if I have all these which will be revealed after my natural sleeping period has finish… What Mountains to move are we talking about?

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  1. MC 🙂

    Adding to Celine’s thoughts… as I perceive we are all on the same wavelength here, I feel! 🙂

    That lofty soul, we called Einstein, shared that the whole of science was the refinement of everyday “thinGing.” So using math lingo could we then say… let “women” = the desire to receive… information (that has the potential to bring pleasure/enlightenment/understanding) and let this DTRI/P/E/U = the left hemisphere of the brain? We could also refer to this “women” as the input side of creation. Based on this analogy, we can see that man also has a feMALE or woMEN side.

    In the physical women it is widely known that her left and right sides are connected to a greater degree than the physical man’s and girls are known (at least from my research) to develop in the mind and emotions at an earlier age than boys. This is by design of course… “Mother Nature” … she has a lot of mountains to rearrange. She is always busy moving something… that is her design too. 🙂

    We could contrast her with “Father Time,” which time doesn’t even exist so he must be hiding somewhere. 🙂

    I just had breakfast at Panera’s Bread while connecting with friends and doing research, and as I was leaving, there were 4 mothers and 4 children, sitting next to my table. As I got up to leave, I wrote on a piece of paper and politely entered their space and congratulating them on International Women’s Day, and asked them if I could share this note. It was the title of a Netflix Documentary, The Beginning of Life. I shared a quote from a Nobel Laureate… (a male) “the love of a mother is a very important part of the economic system that… and looking into the eyes of one of the children as this one was closest to me, I finished the statement with a bit of paraphrasing …your daddy doesn’t know, meaning, and I finished with the actual quote …that the world has not fully recognized.” The mothers were all teachers and I also offered the book Children of Tomorrow by Dr. Michael Laitman, and shared that this book should be required reading for every parent (leaving the hospital or even at the OBGYN office.)

    Lastly, I shared with them that men are waking up to the reality that women run the planet in a kind of undercover way. They got a kick out of this and said, “we know!”

    You can finish the analogy with the right side of the brain being the output or the DTBestow/give/love… to all of nature.

    Add to the dictionary definition or women… input- output and as in math, what you do to one side of the equation you must do to the other… men = input -output! And while we are at it… let mountains be disagreements or perceptions that are incongruent with one’s perceived reality. By doing this/performing this exercise one can scale the mountains that appear, in their way, a bit easier… or just flatten it.

  2. I personally see this as saying “When a woman’s eyes are finally opened to her truth, she is unstoppable.” Sleep to me means lack of knowledge of oneself or happiness. Women that still follow society’s idea of beauty, success and happiness. I have this proverb on my screensaver as a reminder of how far I have come over the last two years of my life, after finally “waking up” and deciding to live my life instead of living the way the world dictates we should.


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