What is synchronicity?
What is synchronicity?

The eyes my body possesses were starring at the computer screen… It was there, right in front of me… M.C. Simon’s Facebook Author Page had reached 777 likes today, at 11:11 am.

At that moment, my soul felt like I just touched a gate; an entrance to the core of the Universe. It was as if the entire universe was guiding me through something I didn’t grasp very well, towards a direction I had no clue about.

Many people are talking about these mystical numbers. Each of them has been analyzed separately and hidden things were brought to the surface, so the human brain would grasp at least a portion of what they mean.

But… I don’t recall reading about the combination of them. I don’t even recall ever noticing such a coincidence in the appearance of several sequential numbers. Still… I have to admit that recently, more and more people started to talk about this phenomenon. And…

I was suddenly wondering about the coincidences that people notice all the time. More and more souls have started to awaken, so the universe brings events like these into their paths, seemingly giving them guidance from above.

But… I am wondering… how many people are comfortable with the idea that the Universe is guiding us? Is it, in fact, guiding us, or… is there something higher than simple guidance?

I am wondering… knowing that everything is energy… what if in some way all these things and events were always connected? And the only variable to talk about is only the observing part in which we are involved in?

Meaning… the perception of what already exists; the perception of what is already connected. What if, the moment when the 777 likes were reached, it was already connected with my eyes which then had to look towards the clock’s direction, giving me this chance to perceive the connection… but what exactly am I perceiving?

Maybe I am perceiving the fact that I am a part of this Universe and that the Universe is communicating with me in this way?

The coincidence of noticing at the same time the significant number of “likes” and the time on the clock, brought back a faraway memory about something I read, which really made me wonder. It was said, “coincidences are God’s way to remain anonymous”.

I wondered so much during that time, that now I can’t wonder any longer. And that’s because I decided to no longer believe in coincidences, but rather believe in synchronicity.

Therefore, I was wondering… What is Synchronicity?

I know… they say it is the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.

The definition being so accurate, I am only wondering… IF… synchronicity exists when… when I am not aware of it.

I am wondering if the synchronicity would have existed for me if I was not able to see that my page hit 777 likes while I was accidentally looking at my clock.

Perhaps at that moment, the universe gave me the right to be aware of it. For some unknown reason I was worthy to notice the synchronicity around me, I was worthy to be aware of the universe communicating with me.

But… IF… I would not be able to notice them at the exact same time when they happened, even if for sure the 777 was reached at exactly 11:11 am…

In this case… I am wondering… does synchronicity exist or does it not?

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