End of the World
End of the World

While I am waiting for my muse to shower over me some inspiration, I decided to wonder some more.

Today I am wondering about waiting… waiting for the End of the World.

Yes… the end of the world.

They are defining this phenomenon as various types of events that threaten to destroy or cripple human civilization.

Today’s article will probably be short. No End of any World would allow us to write a longer one.

I found the definition made me wonder even further.

So… if I understand this well… it means that the human civilization will be destroyed when the End of the World will come.

My logic says that the other reigns will remain. The Earth will still have rocks and plants, and the animals will again be the most developed phase in the chain of evolution.

Animals… I know… they are a living thing that is none human or a plant. But sometimes they refer to a person that behaves in a wild, aggressive or unpleasant way as an animal also.

Connecting all the definitions, I am now deeply wondering… is it somehow possible that aggressive people will survive the End of the World? Is there something that I am missing here?

All this wondering about waiting, reminded me of something that happened about seven or eight years ago.

My daughter was about nine. While I was waiting for her to come home from school, I was looking out through my window.

On the alley surrounding my building, an old couple was walking. They were holding each others hand and even though I didn’t hear them talking, I knew that between them was total harmony. I wished for a similar moment, when I too would reach that age, to be able to walk hand in hand with my man, smiling one to another exactly like the couple walking in front of my eyes.

I had suddenly wished this and started to dream with my eyes open… what a wonderful world it will be! But… soon… my wishes would be shattered and my hopes destined to die even before seeing daylight the following day.

Did you ever have a dream… such a beautiful dream that all your heart was melting, thinking of the moment when it would be fulfilled? Did you ever discover that the only wish you ever had deep down in your soul, would never become your reality?

If you did… for sure you will know what I felt when in the next ten minutes, my daughter came running, her heart was racing like crazy and with an agitated voice she told me almost yelling:

“Mom! Mom! Mom… what will we do? What will we do now? It is the end!”

Normally I would say that it was a joke, but seeing her almost transfigured, my heart also startled and with a low voice I asked, “Why are you saying this, sweetie?”

“Mom, you have to know… please don’t be scared… I will show you what to do… Don’t worry, mom. I am here with you!” she answered and I probably would have thought it was a joke if I would not have seen her so scared; or better said, terrified of something that at that moment I could not entirely figure out.

“Tell me, sweetie. What happened?” I added, and at the same time I was wondering whose voice I just heard whispering those words. The feeling that my dream would not come true had already begun to rise up in my mind.

She started to explain what happened. I almost could not understand her words due to her excitement.

To make the story short… it seemed that on that day, all the children were called to come into the school’s conference room where a priest came to explain to them what they have to do the following night to survive the End of the World. Yes, the End was supposed to happen at exactly 4:15 am that night. Yes, at exactly 4:15 am, not one minute before and not one minute after.

Try to imagine now how I felt the next second. Trying not to laugh thus ruining my daughter’s trust in her teachers who were in acceptance for that… that human being to come and talk to such small children about things he should not even talk to adults about… I was looking at her as serious as possible.

I was anyway happy enough because suddenly… what for some seconds I thought will be an unfulfilled dream, turned out it was again a possible future reality.

The next few hours, I tried really hard to calm my daughter down; she finally accepted to let her fear go away, but with only one condition that she asked for: I was supposed to fix the alarm clock to wake us up that night at exactly 4:00 am and she would show me what I have to do when the End of the World will arrive.

Somehow, I succeeded to convince her that the End of the World was nothing to be afraid of, but I failed to prove to her that the End will not come… at least not that night.

Forgetting after a few hours of this agitation earlier in the day, I also forgot to fix the alarm clock to wake us up.

The morning came and somehow I felt guilty for not keeping the promise I made to my daughter. It was not that I planned not to keep it, but… I totally forgot about the clock.

My fingers were busy typing on the laptop for some time when I heard my daughter’s bedroom door opening and… and in my room appeared an even more agitated little girl who almost in tears said:

“Mom! Mom! Why did you do this to me? I lost the end of the world! How will I survive now?”

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