How to be a bad parent
How to be a bad parent

Have you seen the road I walked on?

Look there, it is that road from the left side of the crossroad. There are lines of grass, green grass and so many other obstacles on it. I had to be careful with each step so I wouldn’t fall down; it was too stressful there.

On this troublesome road, there are still some good things and one of them is the resting places. You can find there many benches with trees. The trees don’t have leaves. Not because it is the autumn season and the leaves have already fallen down, but because instead of leaves each tree has hundreds of books hanging. You can choose whatever book you want, while you are resting your human body on any desired bench. Each bench has a name deeply engraved into its wood; yes, each bench is made from the wood taken from the branches of the tree nearest to it.

The label on the bench in front of me is saying, “Did you wonder today? I have a question for you.”

“Let me see what’s inside it for me” I smiled wondering and sat down.

Do you somehow find this weird? Do you ever make any action without having this hidden and deep thought, “what’s in it for me”? Well… in case that your answer is yes, my response to you is: “I take my hat off for you! You are really awesome!” My goal in life is to become as altruistic as you already are. But for now, I have chosen this bench and will rest my human body here for a while.

My hand reaches up and takes a book from the tree named… “Did you wonder today?”

On the book’s cover, made of leaves, it is written: “How to be a bad parent.

I am wondering… why should I want to wonder about this? My child has such a great mother. So then, what’s inside this book for me?

My hand opens the cover; first page is here, right in front of my eyes.

“Do you wonder why you chose this book? Can it perhaps be because there is something inside it for you?” I can see these words written in it.

“Yes, for sure I want to find something inside it for me. Why would I ever try to do something without receiving?” I am wondering this while continuing with the reading.

“So you want to know how you can be a good parent… a bad parent… or… Do you know for sure what you are wondering now?” the book had asked.

Yes, you got it… it is seemingly an audio-video book that is inscribed instantly. Nothing is predetermined inside it and the words which appear transpire according with the answers your heart brings to the surface.

“I want to know how I can be a good parent” I clearly answered while the only thought which I had in mind was what a stupid question. What kind of book have I chosen? Why would anyone want to ask how to be a bad parent?

“I hear you!” I suddenly felt the next line in the book. “Do you imagine that you can be a good parent without knowing what it’s like to be a bad parent? Do you in fact know what good and bad is?” again the book wrote the next vocal video lines on its first and last page.

“Of course, I know what it is to be good or bad. I am too wise to mistake these two” I was talking to myself. The need to run away suddenly emerged inside me. Today is not a wondering day. Today is only a boring day.

“I don’t have enough time; I have to go, so can you conclude?” I asked the book, hoping that its answer would give me at least a clue.

Open slightly your heart to me and I will reveal the world to you. Think on this and come back soon.”

Saying this… the book quickly stitched itself back to the tree branch. A powerful feeling that it needed to be nourished once more by the tree’s root, was somehow instantly revealed to my heart.

I felt a similar hunger for… something that I didn’t know what it was. I only knew that the hunger was huge. But somehow, today was not a wondering day for me. I had to leave. With slow moving steps, I advanced my body through the garden’s alleys. My sight was filled with images of all the trees that were brimming with books instead of leaves.

I wondered why today I could not wonder anymore.

The answer did not come and while I was walking back out through the garden’s gate, I made my mind up to come back again tomorrow… because… simply because I was suddenly wondering… In fact, what does it mean to be a bad parent?

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  1. i just want to say, you transported me. i never read something so strong and moving. i would love to read more of your work. and i wish i could write like you.


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