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Breaking News!

The Writer’s world was hit!

A provocative act flamed the bloggers’ brains!

A challenge was thrown down to earth!

The Creator’s name… Jeff Goins.

Just yesterday this news reached my ears.


I have a problem in this life… a huge problem… I can never go away when I hear about a challenge. Whenever I see this word, on a paper, on a screen or only behind an intention, millions of shivers invade my body, deep excitement envelops my brain and no matter how busy I am… I always say, “I am in! Watch me!”
Jeff Goins challenged us to write daily for 31 days, at least 500 words.

Yes, you may say “A writer must write, so what’s so amazing in this challenge?”

You are right! Than… What’s inside it for me?

Well… for me it is another chance to have a fight. I miss those days when I was involved in street fights; I miss the days when I thought thoughts about being a planet savior… an undercover hero… but only the best of course from all those Supermen, Ironman, Batman, Spider-man and much more. Let’s not forget about Wonder Woman… I am sure in another life I taught her well.

However, those days are gone and the status that I reached meanwhile, does not allow me to do this anymore. Being born a fighter, I chose to never stop the fight… I am now fighting only with myself.

I love, I really love to get myself involved in lots of situations; most of them happening at the same time, so the adrenaline level brings me that replaced excitement.

And… even if it sounds weird… the excitement received from the fight against me, is even deeper than what it was a long time ago.

The fight is also directed at my new born tendency to be lazy. Sometime I am thinking that in another past life I was probably a princess, adored by lots of slaves. I enjoy thinking. I enjoy meditating. I enjoy lots of non-active actions. Of course, I am thinking in my own way, I am meditating in a personal style. I love to invent.

What was I saying? My intention was to talk about something else, but like usual when it is about writing, I start with something in my mind and continue with something else. Must I also mention how the ending will be?

To come back on the right track, let me mention that the experiment that I am always doing, is to prove that I can do anything that any other human being on this planet can do.

Therefore, hearing about Jeff’s challenge, I told to myself… “Let’s do this also!”

“Let’s do it, together with all the other projects which I am involved in.”

Did you somehow notice? I am saying “Let’s do it” and not “Let me do it”. I don’t think there is only one being inside this body. I think the soul which chose to reincarnate in this body, includes too many other reincarnations and for sure their memories. So, wanting to honor all these ex-human beings which are giving me insights in many situations, I am many times referring to myself as “us”.

So… Let’s do it!

We Can Do It!
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