Since Pythagoras’ time or maybe even before it, people have known about the power of music. They already knew that the root of any illness could be in our thoughts. Therefore, they tried to use music to harmonize their thoughts, to relax and find that internal peace. Pythagoras, known for his discoveries in mathematics, music, astronomy and medicine, named the healing through sounds as purification. He found remedies for mind and body, using the power of music. He invented some musical instruments, with which he performed special music that could diminish the “internal passions”.

In ancient Greek and Egyptian schools, it was said that the science of sounds and the healing through them were sacred. For this reason, only the initiates could have knowledge about it.

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life,” said Plato a long time ago.

Our body can heal itself because it tends to touch its optimum state. Each cell of our body resonates with specific sounds and has its own rhythm. Each internal organ has its own life cycle, its own pulse and its own musical note.

To use the real healing power of sounds, we need to be aware of our soul and body’s profound necessities. It is very easy to practice such a therapy.

Music therapy has different sub-domains:

  • Melotherapy – the therapy based on a melody
  • Sound therapy – therapy based on special sounds
  • Voice therapy – therapy based on vocal sounds

Recently, I listened to a beautiful… a very beautiful interpretation of “The Lonely Sheppard”. Have you ever heard this piece of art?

Listen to it whether you have heard it or not until now! Listen to it now and let this divine music brighten your day! And… who knows? Maybe it will heal you also.

The interpretation that embraced my heart belongs to Petruta Kupper who performed it in 2009 in Germany.

Very beautiful pan flute music – Petruta Küpper – Einsamer Hirte

You should know that this is not the original version. The song “The Lonely Shepherd” was written by James Last and performed for the first time by Gheorghe Zamfir and the James Last Orchestra. It was featured in the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s film “Kill Bill Vol. 1” (2003).

Here you can see Gheorghe Zamfir‘s version from 1977.

Georghe Zamfir & James Last mit Orchester – Einsamer Hirte 1977

Both, Petruta Kupper and Gheorghe Zamfir are Romanians. Yes, those people were born in Romania… Dracula’s land.

I suppose you heard about Dracula. 🙂 I am curious, what did you hear about him? If your knowledge is based on what the books and movies are saying about him… I am telling you… You are wrong.

One day I will tell you the truth about this historical personage, who became a legend. He was real. However, be aware… the truth is very different from what you think you know.

Who am I to reveal this to you?

Well… I am someone in whose veins flows 25% of Dracula’s Romanian blood. No, I will not tell you the real story about him right now.

Until then… I hope you will listen to those two Romanians who can bring Heaven on Earth through their music.

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  1. thank you for this post, the music alone was enthralling, and your statement was refreshing, since most believe what they see and hear.


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