“Strong women only intimidate weak men.”

Strong women only intimidate weak men

I read this some time ago. Today this saying came to mind again, while looking in a retrospective way at all of my life.

I know… I know… I am a strong woman. Moreover, I know so many other strong women!

Have you ever met one? Have you ever looked into her eyes? Or… into her heart?

At first glance when men see such a woman, she is as though transformed into an amazingly bright lamp, surrounded by lots of night butterflies (especially, I do not want to use the word moths). Yes, many men… so-called powerful men suddenly appear around her, each one trying to show and prove his superpowers. However, the moment after they realize that… the woman has her own powers… they instantly disappear; as if they were never there.

I am wondering why, and I am asking… are they truly strong men? Is… somehow… the quote really true?

I know… I know… men are from Mars and women from Venus.

Therefore, I probably will never understand the Mars men. However, I can easily understand the men on the same planet as me. I’ve met such an exemplar! I met him and made him my husband! Because… because even if my powers are huge, this man proved that he can handle them, by conquering my trust. Moreover, he can not only handle them, but he also has transformed me into a nice, sweet and little kitty cat.

Oh, I have to add here… I still have my claws… but he is the last one who will ever see them.

You… men… please don’t shoot me, now! I’m not saying that all men are the same.


If you want your life to be Heaven on this planet, act in such a way to awaken the strong side of your woman. A strong woman will transform anything for you! A strong woman has no limits to her love.

The only thing is that at first, you have to win her heart!

Do you know how to win a woman’s heart? No, I will not give you the answer. It would be too easy, and any thing obtained easily is not so tasty.

Well… think about it. Do not look on the surface! Dig beneath the surface… go deep into the ocean of her heart. Win her trust there.

You have the power of your free will.

What will you choose for YOU?

The Earth or the Heaven on Earth?

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