Love Letter To my favorite Book
Art by Curlyhair

Sometimes at night, I wonder…

How can I endure

Being such an egotist?


From all the other great books,

That were ever written,

I love my book the most.


My heart whispers

My soul witnesses…

I love you “my first book”!


I love you because…

My heart beats inside you

Even before you were mine.


I love you because…

You are the first book

I ever created.


I love you because…

On the outside of your covers,

The author in me dwells not.


I, your Creator,

love you because…

You created me.


“In the beginning

God created”

‘The Holy Book’ said.


Hence, my book,

Sometimes at night, I wonder…

Beyond His creation

Does a Creator exist?


~ M.C. Simon

© Copyright MCSimonWrites 2015, All rights reserved

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