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While my eyes were reading, while my mind was scrutinizing, Alexandria Gunn’s article, “100 Day Challenge Day 9: Disappointed Weigh In but Moving Forward” touched my heart.

Her words made me think so much… so much so, that I finally made the determination that I’ve reached that moment in life when it is no longer permissible to play with my health. After reviewing my lifestyle, I concluded that I have to start making some changes. Her article, belonging to a series of journaling posts about a weight loss challenge she took, succeeded to make me write to her and telling her that I’m in it too.

“I’d love to see you join in! It’s up to you what you want your challenge to be. Some people I know are doing the same as me and tracking (we’re all Weight Watchers leaders/members), some are promising to do more exercise on a daily basis–such as meeting their 10,000 step goals for example–and some are setting challenges to eat healthier on a daily basis I seem to be the only one blogging through the challenge, which is another one in itself.”

Alexandria’s reply made me think once more. More than this, it gave me the boost that I needed.



i want to challenge myself

I just decided to challenge myself also. My website is not geared towards weight loss but… I can use my Journaling section, to track the changes and the daily decisions.

I am wondering… should I incorporate a 100-day challenge on my website? Alternatively, should I start to break the rules again, as I always like to do? I have this habit… I get easily bored doing the same things, so… I need to think.

How can I make my life easier and bring myself on a fun and easy to follow path?

Losing weight is not such an easy task you can impose on yourself. I know it. I’ve been there several times.

Wait… wait… a sudden idea just hit my brain. Awww… I love the ideas that hit me from time to time!

Listen… I just decided to follow this sudden and brilliant idea; of course, everything being subjective and objective, the idea is brilliant from my point of view.



The “challenge” with myself will consist of three rounds

i like to challenge myself

  1. 48 days of healthy habits

  2. 48 days of a healthier life

  3. 48 days of the healthiest lifestyle


Why split the challenge into rounds of exactly 48 days?

check out my challenge

  1. This is my actual age.

  2. I have enough time until the end of this year to finish all three rounds.

  3. It is part of the brilliant idea that electrified me earlier. Check the steps bellow, and you will understand my reasoning.


The 7 steps I will follow daily for the 1st ROUND

1st round weight loss challenge

  1. Watch my weight (don’t even imagine that I will tell you how much I weigh right now). 🙂 I don’t have any problem telling you my age, I am very proud of this, but… don’t even think that you will find anything about my weight. This is my most well-kept secret. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Eating Habits: Choosing a healthier way. Will cut out artificial sugar and bread only, for the first round. I don’t intend to shock my body making too many changes in one shot. I know my body. I can easily lose weight in 7-10 days doing it and after this my body develops resistance to any change. My body is the same, stubborn like its owner. My intention is not to quickly lose weight, but to gain the power to change my lifestyle.

  3. Drinking Habits: Drink at least six glasses (1.5 liters) of water each day. For now this is what my heart is telling me to drink.

  4. Walk at least 2.5 miles (5,000 steps) a day. Oh, yes! Maybe for you, it seems to be a small task but for me is a huge change. It’s been a long time since I barely walked a mile (2000 steps) each day. And they were not done because I wanted to walk, but because I had to go to the office; about half a mile (1000 steps) there and another half coming back. You can imagine that adding another 1.5 miles (3,000 steps) in my daily habit, for me it will seem as though I’m fighting with a dragon. Well… I’m probably exaggerating a little. In fact, fighting with a dragon would be a piece of cake. 🙂

  5. Sleeping habits: at least 6 hours each night, spent in the arms of Morpheus. I hope my husband will agree to officially share me with this ancient guy. 🙂 Not that he didn’t agree until now, but… now… it will all be revealed online. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Reporting in my online journal whether I was a good girl and completed my daily tasks or not.

  7. Write a story daily. This is the creative part added by me in a challenge like this. I never heard of anyone adding this daily task when wishing to lose weight. However, because I can easily feel bored, I have to take care of my powers, to help me reach the finish line. Here I will explain why I chose to challenge myself for 48 days. Because… each day I intend to write a short memoir… one for each year that I spent on this planet until now. For each year, I will go back in time and will recall a story from that year of my life. I am a writer, and I love what I do. Therefore, I prefer to combine work with pleasure. Pleasure for me is writing, work is… OMG… where is that dragon I must fight with? It will be easier to go against it in this way!


When will the first day begin?

start of a challenge

Well… usually, when I make a decision, I start acting in that first moment. Now, I want to change this habit a little and to start when I will consider that it is more appropriate for me to do it.

I love the moon, and I love its phases. I am a moon sensitive person, therefore; I noticed that there are moments when it is good to check the moon’s status.

We are now in April, 21th. Let me check how the moon is positioned this month. Because I know that for me to start a diet focused on losing weight, it is better to avoid the periods between the New Moon and Full Moon.

Any detoxification process or weight loss challenge is best started between the Full Moon and New Moon period. Ancient astrologers mentioned it and… who am I to argue with them? When the moon decreases its perceived shape, the body is helped by the natural mechanisms to lose weight and burn fat easier.

Checking how the moon will be in the next period, I just discovered that the best period for starting the weight watcher process is between May 4th and May 18th when the moon will again start to grow.

Somehow, I don’t like postponing the challenge before starting, but I really want to follow the moon’s “advice”. Just to please my ego and the moon at the same time, I will start now to implement a change in my plans.

The three rounds of 48 days challenge will start on May 4th and until then I will start a…


Preparatory period

preparatory period

In this short period, until my starting day, I will include advices and studies about what it means to have a proper attitude according to the body, mind, and soul towards this kind of a Healthy Lifestyle.

May 4th is on a Monday, and the moon governs this day of the week. Therefore, I think the best day to start my challenge will definitely be May 4th, 2015; right after the moon will reach its apex. Lucky for me, this will happen when I will be asleep, so all will be well and I will start my diet exactly in the first moments when the moon will begin to decrease.

Until then, I intend to collect as much information as I can. Of course, I will journal it also.


Final thoughts on the Day I Selected 🙂

the final thought

Therefore… my dear readers and my dear friends who also want to lose some weight but don’t know where to start… let’s start this experiment together and see where it will lead us.

Thank you for reading the introduction to my LOSING WEIGHT / LIFESTYLE CHANGES Journal. Moreover, thank you for any further reading you will grant my writings.

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  1. I had to come back here and I have been trying to post this for several days and every time i went… in my mind to do it…. well you know some road block rerouted me…. (my thoughts… that is the me in we   ) anyhow I wanted to report that since I saw this post and posted on 4/26/15 @10:45am I have been had no sugar products and have replaced all of my liquid intake with water…. something I have desired to do before. Thank you CoCreator’s-MC Simon and friends for your energy!!! This for me is like one not having a cigarette!!! I am not so worried about the pounds as i am sure they will begin to return to the earth in some fashion or another!

    • Lee, this is so interesting. You came back today to this article saying that you decided to stop eating sugar. Guess what, my friend? For today I prepared an article about sugar and the reasons for which I quit also eating it. Stay tuned! 🙂

      • So wonderful!!! Adding an fyi here and you may have heard the phrase here but this popped in my preview and thought it appropriate to share here as the world is just being reengineered….. ….. the one inside and the one outside, but it all starts with the inside!!!

        Adding one more thought….. i feel this sensation that comes form being connected and seeing these kinds of connections appear in front of our eyes can be likened to one…. winning the spiritual lottery so to speak and too it “exAMPlifies” ants working together for a common purpose! 🙂

        • Thanks for the link, Lee. The website looks very interesting… a must dig site 🙂
          “Winning the spiritual lottery”… sound great also. You should write an article about it. Can’t wait to see the next post in your website 🙂


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