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I recently visited my doctor for a cold I had. And guess what… she suddenly wanted to measure my blood pressure.

She fixed her tools on my hand and after a few seconds her face turned into a phantom’s face… white, whiter than white.

“190/120” she said. “Are you feeling well?”

“Well? Of course, I am well. As well as someone who caught a cold can feel”.

“No, no,” she said… “Do you have headaches? Pains? Etc, etc.”

“No, not at all” I continued to maintain my composure.

In a nutshell… I went there hoping to receive a medical leave due to my cold. And, guess what? Half of my wish came through… I received my medical leave. As for the other half of my wish, I was surprised to find that the cold was a piece of cake, and the medical leave was issued for the High Blood Pressure instead.

Great job, M.C.! You did it!

After receiving an injection from the doctor in my buttocks, as an urgent remedy, I went back home wondering what the hell just happened?

I am the healthy type but from time to time, this happens to me also. It seems that now it was the blood pressure.

Well… I am so lucky to live on this planet in this modern era when we can find anything, at anytime, and anywhere. Yep! Anywhere, especially on the internet. And it’s free.

So… I rolled up my sleeves, and I started to search.

Did I tell you that I am a researcher also? One of the best, my ego says.

And I found that the main reasons for having High Blood Pressure are:

  1. High level of stress
  2. Too much weight
  3. Too much salt in food
  4. Lack of exercise

Of course, blood pressure can be a symptom for many other illnesses, but in my case, I like to believe that these four are the reasons.

Of course I will go to the cardiologist, my doctor sent me to get a check-up. Of course, I will have a blood analysis. Of course, I will do whatever is necessary to be in contact with the medical system.

However… do you know why I will do this? Because the system has been extracting a huge amount of money from my monthly salary for so many years. And they deserve my revenge. I will spend their money now on my analysis, after so many years of not even stepping foot inside a doctor’s office. Yes… they really deserve my vengeance.

I am sure inside me, I was so bored by the many payments I’ve made, that by autosuggestion my body increased its blood pressure levels, just to be sure that I will take this retribution.

And there is another reason for which I will go. One of you… yes, you the readers, is my good friend Roxana. She is a medical doctor from head to toe. She is perfectly capable of killing me if she found out that I did not go and get the check-up. Just yesterday, she called me again to pressure me to do whatever is necessary to cure this illness. She is tougher than the entire police department when it comes to caring for her friends. She is hunting us down wherever we try to hide from her vigil eye.

Hey, Roxana! Are you reading this? I know you are reading my words! I love you, girl! Do not worry for me. I have already started doing my homework on blood pressure.

For the rest of my friends and readers who have encountered the same problem as me, I found something interesting; something that I did not know because it was not of interest.

The hypotensive foods… there are aliments that can almost instantly lower your blood pressure when in need. I already ate them for more than a week and guess what?

My blood pressure had these maximum levels while I was trying these aliments:

Day 1: 145/107
Day 2: 131/90
Day 3: 138/90
Day 4: 130/86
Day 5: 136/89
Day 6: 128/98
Day 7: 130/88

Oh… I forgot to mention. The day before my blood pressure went crazy, my “normal” blood pressure was 140/90. And this has been like this for more than 20 years.

It seems that after eating these aliments, my blood pressure went down even further than when I was in my twenties. I’m not suggesting that you are not allowed to eat anything else except for these aliments. I only want to say that I ate ONLY these aliments in different combinations between them, and you just saw my results.

Now… Do you know what are the hypotensive foods I’m speaking of?

Let me tell you in case you didn’t know, and remind you in case you already knew:

1 - Garlic
1 – Garlic
2 - Onion
2 – Onion
3 - Leek
3 – Leek
4 - Green salad
4 – Green salad
5 - Lovage
5 – Lovage
6 - Red beetroot
6 – Red beetroot
7 - Green beans
7 – Green beans
8 - Beans
8 – Beans
9 - Potatoes
9 – Potatoes
10 - Catfish
10 – Catfish
11 - Codfish
11 – Codfish
12 - Trout fish
12 – Trout fish
13 - Germinated wheat
13 – Germinated wheat
14 - Germinated soya
14 – Germinated soya
15 - Germinated rye
15 – Germinated rye
16 - Yogurt
16 – Yogurt
17 - Spinach
17 – Spinach
18 - Apricots
18 – Apricots
19 - Peaches
19 – Peaches
20 - Bananas
20 – Bananas
21 - Pears
21 – Pears
22 - Plums
22 – Plums
23 - Dates
23 – Dates
24 - Peanuts
24 – Peanuts
25 - Oranges
25 – Oranges
26 - Almonds
26 – Almonds
27 - Milk
27 – Milk
28 - Cheese/curd No… don't wish for it to be salty cheese :P
28 – Cheese/curd
No… don’t wish for it to be salty cheese 😛
29 - Cocoa
29 – Cocoa

Don’t these aliments look great? Only looking at them makes me want to go to the kitchen and prepare something more to eat!

But… I will try to restrain myself from doing this. I can’t forget that we have four main reasons for high blood pressure problems:

  1. High level of stress
  2. Too much weight
  3. Too much salt in food
  4. Lack of exercise

Should I go now and exercise for a few minutes?

Oh… I am so lazy… I do not want to do it right now.

I better write a bit more on my novel.

Ups… I just had a revelation… The cure for what we call the writer’s block is to force yourself to do whatever you do not want to do. In this way, you will be more inclined to go back to your writing task.

Wish you all the best… and if you are a writer… happy writing!

I will be back next Tuesday with a new post with more Tips for Healing.

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