How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?


We’ve had such a busy period at my job lately! Suddenly, lots and lots of urgent strategic projects had to be completed, and the stress level had increased quite high. Everyone became nervous. Some of my coworkers started to act like they had panic attacks.

Stress… I wonder now… is it something that we need in our lives? Is stress something that even if we don’t directly perceive… it keeps our lives from becoming boring? I remember some time ago when we didn’t have all the urgent projects… my coworkers acted like they were apathetic. Now the stress has embraced them, and some of them have become hysteric.

And what about myself? Well… I have to admit that the level of stress has been high for me also and each day I come home after a full day of work, I can hardly get myself to start writing. It’s as if… all my creativity has been extinguished.

What can you do when this happens in your writing life?

Well… I decided not to lose precious time and even though I couldn’t work on writing my third book as planned; I continued to view various online courses… different ones about writing, publishing and marketing.

And guess what? I just discovered a course on… stress. 🙂

How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?


Life is so interesting.

I did not call the stress into my life. I did not want to increase the level of stress around me.

But… being “blessed” with it… now I can even study it. Doing this, I was able to get back on track. Suddenly, my inspiration came back, and I took notes about one of the most important factors that influence our lives… STRESS.

What about you? Have you discovered how to diminish stress? Do you enjoy being stressed only in the moments when you are about to overcome this sensation and… you finally have a greater appreciation for the moments when you lacked being stressed?

I’m just wondering today… 🙂

What kinds of stress do we encounter throughout our lives? What sources generate them? Is there a general remedy or must each type be treated individually?

Is there someone out there who is truly stress-free?

How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?


In the course that I just viewed, the instructor from EduCBA Academy for Career Enhancement explained that some symptoms of stress are:

  1. High BP
  2. Digestive problems
  3. Tension
  4. Nervousness
  5. Uncooperative attitude
  6. Excessive use of alcohol/drugs
  7. Emotional instability.

I have to admit… some of the above symptoms I see in the behavior of my coworkers; but not at least one in my case.

Am I stressed by the projects on my regular job? I bet I am not. In fact, I love my job, and I love project management, the work that I’m involved in. Then… what is it that’s stressing me? Is it possible to feel stressed only by the fact that what I consider to be the project of my life… meaning quitting my job to become a full-time writer… somehow seems to be delayed?

Is stress our enemy or our activator?

How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?

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