How I met Feng Shui
How I met Feng Shui

More than twenty years ago, while all my friends were falling in love with their boyfriends or with an actor who was looking gorgeous in magazines… I also fell in love.

One day I was invited to visit the home of an old lady whom I was admiring a lot. She was always so stylish and no matter of the circumstance, an adorable smile was always laying on her face. Whenever I saw her, I wondered if she discovered the secret to happiness.

When I entered in her house, I suddenly felt that I am in another world. The smile she always had was probably borrowed from her home. I really thought that her home was also smiling. My visit was long according to the time spent there, but short in my perception. I did not want to leave anymore. In that house, in that new world, everything seemed to be perfect. Who would ever want to leave perfection and go back to a normal life?

I asked her what the secret that she owned was. She suddenly stood and she only said, “I want you to meet someone.” I was wondering who else was there in her home, whom I did not meet until that moment. While she went in another room, I had many thoughts about the one she will present to me. Several minutes later, she came back. I looked at the door and… and… my heart stopped for a second.

It was love at first site. It was there… with her… the one who stole my heart.

The most beautiful old manuscript I had ever seen was being held in her soft hands. At that moment, I did not know what it held inside it for me, but only seeing their old pages, I always had a weird habit of falling in love with any manuscript.

Several seconds after, the old lady came near and handed me the treasure she was holding. Then I saw… the one I fell in love with, had the title Feng Shui.

That day was the start of my adventure in a new world… the beautiful, magical and ancient world of Feng Shui.

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