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celery field
celery field

We live in a world that provides us all that we need and more.

Whenever we feel ill, we can go to a doctor and in exchange for money we receive chemical medicines that act on our symptoms eliminating them and giving us the feeling that we are cured.

But… are we really cured?

Are the chemicals in these pills really restoring our health to a perfect level?

Maybe the answer is yes; or maybe not. This is not our focus for today.

Today we will begin to talk about other kinds of medications; medicines that are everywhere around us. Those remedies that Nature is endlessly providing; remedies that are not only influencing our symptoms, but also work at a deeper level, at the root of any illness, curing and giving us back what we were designed to always have… a good body and mental health… the health which we all desire.

We will start a series of articles that will talk about natural remedies and the way we can use them to change our lives for the better.

I was not sure with what to start and trying to figure out what to choose from all the treasures nature is providing us… somehow my mind directed itself to a vegetable whose taste I don’t necessarily like… CELERY. So, I told myself… “This can’t be a coincidence. I must talk about celery because some of my reader friends would probably also need this information.”

It does not matter if I like the taste or not. Celery is one of the treasures we have in our hands which we should value.

This article will be split in two parts so it will be easier to read.

So… let’s take an interesting trip together and explore the little miracles around us that often sometimes we take for granted.



celery plant
celery plant

Celery’s scientific name is Apium graveolens, where Apium is a generic name given to the eatable roots, gravis means powerful, olens means smell. So the translation would be “strong smelling root”.

I will intentionally skip the history part because I want to focus on its curative properties.

In Chinese medicine it is said that there doesn’t exist a better aliment for body and mind rejuvenation, than the celery leaves. The same opinion was shared by the old Egyptians, Greeks and Roman doctors.

Celery was at the same time seen as an aliment and a medicine due to its remarkable therapeutic properties.




Celery leaves

celery leaves
celery leaves
  • Celery leaves contain vitamin A that is very useful for our eyes.

  • They contain vitamins from the B complex and this gives us the joy to live, a better immunity, and also a very helpful anti-stress remedy.

  • The leaves also contain vitamin C that is a good anti-age adjutant.

  • The minerals that can be found in celery leaves are iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and organic sodium. For this reason (the organic salt) the leaves are recommended for the persons who suffer from hypertension.

  • The leaves have excellent diuretic and depurative properties.

  • They also help provide good hormonal balancing.


Celery stalks

celery stalks
celery stalks
  • They are an excellent source of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C.

  • The minerals contained in celery stalks are potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphor, sodium and essential amino acids.


Celery root

celery root
celery root
  • The celery root contains vitamin A (helps the eyes), B1, B2, E, C, PP and several minerals.

  • It is used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, hoarseness, urinary problems, kidney diseases, asthenia, gout, rheumatism, impotency and frigidity, obesity.


Celery seeds

celery seeds
celery seeds
  • The seeds are used in the treatment for digestive problems, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism.

  • They have an aphrodisiac effect.

  • They also possess an essential oil which has miraculous properties.




Celery juice

celery juice
celery juice
  • Recommended for hypertension: consumed for 7 days, the celery juice helps to regulate the arterial tension, bringing it to its normal parameters. You make a pause of 3 weeks and you can drink again for one week.

  • One glass of celery juice consumed for 21 days each morning on empty stomach, decreases cholesterol and treats constipation.

  • Helps your kidneys function properly, preventing sand and stones from forming. In case that you already suffer from this, after 30-45 days of consuming this juice, the deposits will be eliminated.

  • If you drink it in the evening before going to bed, it has a calming effect and your insomnia will depart. At the same time the temperature of your body will normalize and your extremities (hands and legs 🙂 ) will no longer feel cold while you sleep. On any other extremities that you possess, celery will not have an evident thermal effect (but there are other effects that can be taken into consideration 🙂 ).

  • In the summer, it is recommended to drink two-three glasses of juice each day, especially between meals. This will normalize the temperature of your body and the outside heat will be well sustained.

  • Helps the blood to be more fluid.

  • Helps oxygenation of the arteries.

  • You can treat anemia. Celery has so much iron that if consumed daily for one week with your meals, the normal color of your chicks will return, you will suddenly have a normal appetite and a joy for living.

  • Reduces acidity and balances the blood pH level.

  • It is tonic especially for athletes. After a hard workout, you can drink celery juice and your body will instantly be re-hydrated.

  • The total cholesterol is reduced as well as the bad cholesterol.

  • The potassium and sodium contained in the celery normalizes the level of fluids in the body, increasing urine production and helping eliminate excesses liquids.

  • Helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis.

  • Is used very well in loosing weight. For this you can drink the juice as much as possible during day time. The desire for sweets will be drastically diminished.

  • For eliminating body toxins, during spring time it is necessary to drink daily, 10-15 spoons of juice for at least two weeks. If you want to resume, you need to make a pause of one week.

  • For women, the juice is very good to diminish the menopause symptoms.

  • For men, the juice is very good for increasing the potency. The best effects are obtained from the juice of celery leaves; not from the root juice. You will need to drink 1/2 glass each day, for 3-4 weeks without interruption.


Celery Salad

celery salad
celery salad
  • Consumed regularly once in 2-3 days, prevents and treats constipation and the secondary effects: hemorrhoids, bloating, etc.

  • The raw celery salad, mixed with parsley leaves and little oil, will regulate the hormones for both genders.

  • For women, it increases the fertile period and it is a remedy for frigidity.

  • For men, it treats impotency, celery being a natural aphrodisiac.

  • Is an excellent preventer and helps treat rheumatism and gout.


Celery seeds

celery seeds
celery seeds
  • Have an aphrodisiac effect.

  • For eliminating male impotency, it is necessary to eat 5 grams of smashed seeds for 30 days. At the same time you have to drink 100 ml celery juice each morning on an empty stomach.

  • Tea made from Celery seeds helps in eliminating toxins from your body.


Celery Puree

celery puree
celery puree
  • It is made from the celery root.

  • What not too many people know is that the curative properties are mainly found in the shell of the root which is usually thrown away when cooking.

  • For better results, the puree will need to be made from the entire root, to include the shell also.



  • Celery stops the development of malign cells in case of colon and stomach cancer.

  • From all its components, the vitamin B17 is even killing cancerous cells.

  • The phenolic acids contained in celery juice blocks the development of cancerous cells.

  • For gout, vitiligo and skin cancer, you can use it externally: scalded leaves can be cooled a little and placed on the painful joints. You can envelop them with cellophane and after this with a fleece. You must keep on this poultice for at least two hours.



  • Of course, with one salad or one juice you will not see any miracle happening but if you consume it regularly, soon you will start to notice its effects.

  • It is recommended to eat raw celery and not apply a thermo treatment to it.



  • Pregnant women should consume only boiled root celery. The celery leaves can be moderately consumed (maximum 5 grams daily). The celery seeds can be completely avoided.

  • If you prolong the treatment with celery, do not expose your body to the sun for too long. Skin is more sensitive to solar radiation while regularly consuming celery as a treatment.

  • If you are allergic to celery, of course you will not follow any treatment with this aliment.

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