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How can celery restore our health

After posting the first part of this article, I fell in love with celery so much that I was wondering how I could even think not to like its taste until that moment.

My desire grew so big that I couldn’t wait any longer living without celery and I rapidly threw some warm clothes on (yes… it’s winter in this corner of the planet) and ran to the store to buy some.

“I want some celery, please” I asked the clerk.
“Sorry, ma’am. We don’t have any in stock” she replied looking at me in a strange way…
“You don’t have it? It is my first time coming in here in a long time and not finding what I need. What happened?”
“I don’t know what happened today… but suddenly everyone wanted to buy celery,” the clerk responded with a look of wonder on her face.

Well… I am wondering now… is it a coincidence or have all my neighbors read my article and rushed to buy celery also? I still did not find the answer but yesterday I went back to the same store and bought a lot of celery. I bought so much that I can almost deliver it to an entire army of hungry people…

Now I am writing the second part of the article, knowing that after I post it, my house will still be full with celery and no neighbor reading this will be able to leave me empty handed.

In the first part, we talked about the beneficial effects that celery has over our bodies. This week we will dig some more into the world of celery.



Celery root juice

  • The best therapeutic effects are obtained consuming fresh celery root and not the preserved ones (nor frozen, nor cooked) that are losing many of their healing properties. In a two week span of refrigeration, almost 50% of the vitamins are lost; during the boiling process, more than 70% of vitamins C, A, B1 and B6 are destroyed.

  • How to prepare the celery root juice: we can take the fresh celery and without peeling off the shell, wash it very thoroughly. Using a centrifugal juicer, obtain the celery juice and mix it in a proportion of 3:1 with carrot juice. The final juice can be consumed right away. If this is not possible, store it in a hermetic recipient, but not for more than six hours.

  • An adult can usually consume 50-150 ml (1.5–5 oz) of celery juice daily. A higher quantity is not recommended because it can produce gastric problems and loss of appetite.

  • We can also add apples to this juice.

  • Consumed as a preventive measure, people who do not have digestive problems can have a treatment last between 14-21 days, drinking each morning 150-200 ml (5–6.5 oz) on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before breakfast.


Celery salad

  • Pick fresh celery, wash it very well keeping the shell and using a food grader prepare it in very small pieces. You can then add a little salt, lemon juice according with your taste and only a small quantity of cold-pressed oil. You can add carrots, apples, cabbage or beetroot also, and dill or green parsley.

  • Healthy persons can consume the celery salad in combination with mustard, mayonnaise, garlic.


Boiled celery

  • This is recommended for persons who have a sensible stomach. Even if vitamins A and C are almost completely destroyed, still, the vitamins and minerals remaining after boiling are easily assimilated by the body.

  • You can use it as puree or in various other dishes.

  • Boiled celery mixed with potatoes and carrots (also boiled) are well tolerated by the digestive system. It is greatly recommended for convalescent persons or for the one who does not support raw vegetables, due to some gastric illness.


Celery tonic wine

  • It is prepared from celery seeds: cut in small pieces two celery roots and put them in one liter of wine. Add 100 grams of honey and 5 teaspoons of smashed seeds. You soak the mix for five days and after this, you filter it.

  • You obtain a nice scented drink with a sweet-spicy taste.

  • You drink 2-3 small glasses each day, 30 minutes before the main meals.

  • The wine has a diuretic, tonic and aphrodisiac effects and also is helpful in menses regulation. For the women who are taking contraceptive pills, this wine is very good because it removes their unwanted effects.


Celery root tonic wine

  • Cut the roots in small pieces and mix them with one liter of white wine. Add 100 grams of honey and let it soak for two days until you obtain an aromatic beverage.

  • Drink 2-3 small glasses daily, 30 minutes before the meals.

  • This wine has a diuretic effects.


Celery oil

  • Be careful not to expose it to the sun, because it contains a substance that increases your photo-sensibility.


Decoction from roots and rhizomes

  • After processing with a food grader, boil 30 grams in one liter of water, for 10-15 minutes.

  • Before each meal, it is necessary to drink a cup.

  • It has a stimulative effect which helps coughs, hoarseness, fever, cardiac problems, urinary retention, kidney stones, slow digestion, bloating, obesity, rheumatism and gout problems.


Concentrated decoction from roots

  • Cut the root in very small pieces. Boil 250-500 grams in two liters of water for 30 minutes.

  • This decoction can be used as a compresses for problems with frostbite, ulcerations or skin cancer.

  • The decoction can be used several times after reheating.



Healing with Plants – Celery“, the book that includes almost all the celery secrets, will be released soon. Inside, you will find many more details about this miraculous plant, including the modalities of healing several illnesses.

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    • Sincerely speaking, I also prefer to avoid the tonic wine. I prefer plane water… in fact I love it. I had to mention it for those who need its effects. Thanks for the comment Yvette 🙂


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