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HEALING = is the process of the restoration of health to unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.

  • Physical healing
    • Regeneration
    • Repair
      • Most organs usually need both healing phases
  • Psychiatric healing
  • Psychological healing

But what about the healing of the things you have not yet noticed you needed? The healing without which, in the near future an illness will erupt. It was there… inside, waiting to bloom… but who could have known about it without any symptoms showing?

My intention is to write about all these and more. 🙂

I am sure that whoever needs this information will simply find it.

caution sign

I will not

  • make a parallel between the allopathic and alternative healing.
  • compare the allopathic doctors with the alternative healers.
  • mention the opinions for and against any healing procedure.
  • explain the damage that a chemical pill can bring to our bodies while it is calming a symptom of another illness.
  • deny the importance of an emergency or of a surgical procedure.
  • tell stories about doctors without hearts.
  • make mention of those who charge a lot of money for the so-called alternative healing.
  • I will not… I will not…


I will only write about alternative healing because… I believe that

  • our bodies have a tremendous power of regeneration.
  • with proper primary knowledge, many diseases would be eradicated.
  • energy is free to use.
  • we have at our disposal real treasures: plants, crystals, fragrances, healing hands, etc.
  • our souls come into these human bodies as a grand experiment.
  • when we are born, we have many so-called “paranormal” capacities.
  • after interacting with our environment, we block all our native ability due to the induced beliefs that state “we can’t”, because a normal person “can’t” do it.
  • And… so on…

I am sure you got the idea. 🙂

If you ask me to give you the best tip ever… permit me to say this…

TRUST YOURSELF and all that you desire and need, will be yours!

trust yourself

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