OMG, an Angel!

We are Souls in Human bodies.

On a Universal level, we are called Human Beings.

Being in human bodies, we enclosed ourselves in a box delimitated by our five senses. The borders that separate our limited reality from the bigger picture, sometimes makes us even forget that there are some borders out there. We believe in the Infinite but somehow we tend to believe that the infinite is also closed in our box.

In this box we have needs; we have desires. And our greatest desire is to reach Happiness.

Yes, WE SEEK HAPPINESS without even having all the details about what the Greatest Happiness is. But we have this encrypted in our DNA.

Who am I to tell you about finding Happiness? Well, like you, I am also a Soul. A Soul that also received a human body Here and Now…

A Soul with its own box and having its own borders, inside which… I may have found Happiness, or may not. But… I am here. And I am here to share my experience on this planet. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something inside it for YOU.

I don’t intend to give you the Ultimate Recipe for HAPPINESS.

But I will make you wonder and question yourself.

I definitely believe that the answer lays in the question. Instead of focusing on the answer, maybe it’s better to concentrate on the question. And one day the answer will find you. And from this answer you will extract the personal Recipe for a better life. YOUR RECIPE FOR PERCEIVING HAPPINESS.

Because… in the world where our human bodies live… everything is subjective and relative… and ultimately… everything is a matter of PERCEPTION OF REALITY.


What's inside it for you?

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