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Why do I have a Gratitude Journal?

One day I read Oprah Winfrey’s Gratitude Journal.

I was impressed… Oprah has written in her gratitude journal for sixteen years every single day… WOW… she is simply great!

Oprah “believes keeping this journal was the single most important thing she’s ever done.”

I have to admit… this makes sense to me. I never kept a Gratitude Journal until now. I only had a Dreams Journal for over ten years; I still keep it… and I am so grateful for starting it.

But, now… I intend to have a Gratitude Journal also. Because I like Oprah, because she thinks keeping a journal is great, because even my man adores Oprah and wants her to invite me on her show one day. For all these reasons and many more, I started my online Gratitude Journal as well.

I will keep it airy, for at the moment I do not feel the need to write daily, but… I have to admit that the idea of having one attracts me.


What is a Gratitude Journal?

What is a Gratitude Journal?

Journaling the gratitude moments of your life is a conscious effort in keeping track of the running list of things that you are grateful for.

It is… a conscious act that uses the vibrational power of our thoughts, which can attract and build our present.

A gratitude journal is something that helps you build the present even if the gratitude goes towards the past or future… yes, future… I dare you to be grateful for something that you want to have in the future.

A Gratitude Journal is the tool you can use for radiating goodness for yourself and others.

Oprah… yes, again Oprah, this amazing woman… says, “You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots… I’ve learned from experience that if you pull the lever of gratitude every day, you’ll be amazed at the results.” (What Oprah Knows for Sure About Gratitude)


Who keeps a Gratitude Journal?

Who keeps a Gratitude Journal?

I read somewhere that a gratitude journal greatly helps with depression illness. Well… you can say anything about me but not that I have ever been depressed. Contrary, there are people who are amazed to see how optimistic I am. My mom, all of her life, was desperate seeing that I was never complaining, and finding something good in everything I came across. That is how she used to be but lately, seeing that I survived this life for almost half a century and doing just fine, she too finally renounced on her worries. And renouncing on them… she suddenly started seeing the good in everything, where she didn’t see it before. But… this is another story.

Yes, I am lucky to belong to the type of persons who can perceive the best in all that’s happening… including tragedies. Yes, it sounds weird to say this… but so I am. It’s not my fault… it is the Creator’s fault! 🙂

Don’t imagine that I can’t feel pain. Oh, yes… I can feel it very deeply! But… I am lucky to overcome any moment easily and almost instantly.

I am so grateful to Him for making me this way.

Well… even if a Gratitude Journal helps with depression cases, I think it also helps a very optimistic person. Being optimistic and happy is not such an easy thing. Do you somehow imagine that it is easy to be this way? I am telling you… sometimes it’s hard… because as human beings we are designed to have some limits, and you need a lot of training to grasp high, higher and highest levels of happiness. There are moments when you simply feel that you will erupt like a volcano because there is so much happiness.

Therefore, I think that keeping a Gratitude Journal will help you diminish the levels of added stress inside your heart and body.


What to write about in a Gratitude Journal?

What to write about in a Gratitude Journal?

Let me be direct here. I don’t pretend to be right. There are many professionals who affirm that to reach a real gratitude state, you must fake being grateful in the beginning, and to continue doing so until you truly believe it, then finally you will feel it.

It’s possible for this method to work also.

But not for me. I’m built in such a way that I don’t believe in faking and lying to myself until I begin to believe it.

Rather… I advise you to be grateful for anything that makes you feel grateful. Be grateful for anything that is happening to you. Repetition is good and one day you will probably start believing anything you tell yourself.

But… why lose time trying to make yourself feel grateful? Why not feel grateful for anything that really makes you feel grateful?

Have you ever had a ladybug captivate your eyes? Be grateful for the ladybug or the One, who sent it your way.

I like ladybugs and for this reason I gave this example. I had a book with a ladybug as a child, and I am still grateful to the author of that book because now, when I see a ladybug, a huge happiness invades my heart.

To conclude… write about anything that touches your heart in one way or another. If you go forth and analyze the reasons why you are grateful… you will reach an amazing new world… the world of roots and branches that touches your being. TWEET THIS

Try it!

Tell me later if you ever regret doing it.

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